Interactive Avocado Day at The Cado

Interactive Avocado Day at The Cado

Finding ways to stay ripe in San Diego.

In September of 2019, Vincent & Amy toured The Cado in San Marcos, California with our client, West Pak Avocado’s Sales & Marketing team. The Cado is an interactive pop-up museum dedicated to the Hass Avocado & its rich roots in California full of “Instagram-worthy” moments. 

The museum was created to showcase the journey of the avocado, from seed to skin, and to provide guests with an “appreciation for all that goes into bringing the avocado from tree to toast.” Anne Buehner and Mary Carr conceptualized the space to encourage the conversation about California’s beloved fruit, because there’s so much more to avocados than trendy toasts on Instagram. 

Our visit to The Cado was also a ripe reunion because Amy & Vincent know the sister-duo, Buehner & Carr of &Boom Unlimited. In fact, Amy used to work with creator Anne Buehener at Red Door Interactive in San Diego!

What was most special about the interactive tour, was that as creatives we are used to being behind the scenes, capturing our clients. This event was unique in that we were forward facing and had the chance to connect with them one-on-one. One of the special things VCA offers is live attendance & real-time footage, so we captured the event as we went and it made for great insta-stories and fan engagement. Our clients had a great time, they let out their avo-awesome personalities and had fun during each of the museum installations.

Here’s a look at some of the avocado fun we had at the event:

Meet Ela Mella, Artist & Advocate for Avocados

Meet Ela Mella, Artist & Advocate for Avocados

There’s no better way to describe LA artist Ela Mella than by the word: avo-cate.

Ela Mella is an advocate for women, politics, social issues & a healthy lifestyle all within the avatar of the avocado that stands for her passion for art & happiness.

Vincent and Amy joined her at With Love Market & Cafe in Los Angeles, California for a morning of true “guac talk” in preparation for their upcoming client campaign for West Pak Avocado called The Avo Effect. Launched in October 2019 at Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit, the initial campaign trailer prefaced the 2020 online video series where exclusive avocado industry interviews will be conducted to define the avocado phenomenon.

Meeting with Ela proved this ten fold. She is a cancer survivor from New York City who moved to LA to pursue her passion for art & a healthier lifestyle. Coincidentally it was the struggle & hustle of her LA move, battling life after cancer & the push to be her 100% healthiest that brought about her now infamous avocado art collection. A simple hand-painted avocado with a tortilla chip titled “Get That Chip Off Your Shoulder” is the initial piece that fueled her artistic shift into the dynamic world of avocados. Thus, now she has become a voice for avocados & society – all within a creative collection that ranges from Clueless-inspired walls to hilarious comedic memes and endless avocado puns. Having training with a notable local street artist you’d think she painted these walls her entire life. However, the wall VCA had the honor of capturing was only the second one she’d ever done. Get this – she painted the entire wall in one day!

Get to know Ela more when VCA’s client campaign video airs in February featuring her & other inspiring avocado artists & influencers in The Avo Effect series.

Cheers & Beers at Modern Times Brewery

Cheers & Beers at Modern Times Brewery

To kickstart the launch of our new campaign, Y’ello, celebrate our amazing clients, friends & family along with our new office off D street, we hosted an afternoon at Modern Times Brewery in Encinitas.

VCA hosted our very first event at Modern Times Brewery in Encinitas to announce our new D Street office location and to kick start our continuing Y’ello campaign. But “Cheers & Beers” was equally an afternoon to celebrate our amazing clients and show some appreciation for their support in our vision!

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As much as it was a time for appreciation, we wanted it to be a great time for new opportunities and networking. Members of VCA and our Content Collective attended along side West Pak Avocado Inc.’s Senior VP of Sales & Marketing Doug Meyer (& wife Alisa) and Marketing Manager George Henderson, Poway Weapons & Gear’s Peter Murnicks Marketing Generalist & Director of Client Services Alexander While (& wife Cheryl), as well as close friends, family and members of the local Encinitas community. It was truly a collection of great people who have been an integral part of VCA’s growth since the company started in 2015. The goal was for our clients and those who have supported our agency since the beginning to enjoy a treat on us and mingle. It also allowed us to showcase the extent of our business & growth in and around our Encinitas community!  

The location, Modern Times Brewery, is a new beer-focused, vegan restaurant conveniently located just around the corner from our new office and Moonlight Beach along Highway 101. The ‘70’s ambiance helped us pay homage to our ongoing 2019 Y’ello campaign, a colorful twist on a “hello” – embracing a new pop of color – yellow, website & more, with color coordinated decor for the event. Modern Times food & beverages, treats, a fun raffle giveaway & a photobooth sponsored by Dominique Labraque photography provided a casual and playful experience for us all. Up for grabs as part of the raffle was one of VCA’s favorite things: our must-read book “Building a Storybrand” by Donald Miller. 

That being said, our first event was a hit! Take a look at some of our favorite photo booth snapshots, below:

All photos taken by Visual Content Agency & Dominique Labreque Photo, except bottom right & featured image sourced from