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There’s no better way to describe LA artist Ela Mella than by the word: avo-cate.

Ela Mella is an advocate for women, politics, social issues & a healthy lifestyle all within the avatar of the avocado that stands for her passion for art & happiness.

Vincent and Amy joined her at With Love Market & Cafe in Los Angeles, California for a morning of true “guac talk” in preparation for their upcoming client campaign for West Pak Avocado called The Avo Effect. Launched in October 2019 at Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit, the initial campaign trailer prefaced the 2020 online video series where exclusive avocado industry interviews will be conducted to define the avocado phenomenon.

Meeting with Ela proved this ten fold. She is a cancer survivor from New York City who moved to LA to pursue her passion for art & a healthier lifestyle. Coincidentally it was the struggle & hustle of her LA move, battling life after cancer & the push to be her 100% healthiest that brought about her now infamous avocado art collection. A simple hand-painted avocado with a tortilla chip titled “Get That Chip Off Your Shoulder” is the initial piece that fueled her artistic shift into the dynamic world of avocados. Thus, now she has become a voice for avocados & society – all within a creative collection that ranges from Clueless-inspired walls to hilarious comedic memes and endless avocado puns. Having training with a notable local street artist you’d think she painted these walls her entire life. However, the wall VCA had the honor of capturing was only the second one she’d ever done. Get this – she painted the entire wall in one day!

Get to know Ela more when VCA’s client campaign video airs in February featuring her & other inspiring avocado artists & influencers in The Avo Effect series.