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Brighten Your Brand with Visual Content Agency

If you ask any of our content collectives what our mission at VCA is, they’ll stand firm: “to shape the future of social media by giving brands a visual representation of their voice online through strategy, creativity & storytelling.” In this video, our team leaders got together to visually solidify this statement and why our growing team is so passionate about the Visual Content Strategy we have created for our clients.

Your Story Starts with Visual Content

As our creative director & co-founder, Vincent Apodaca says, “Telling stories is important to me because that’s how you leave a legacy, that’s how to evoke emotion with your audiences. I don’t feel there is any other way to create content.” As a creative content marketing agency, our goal is to create a process where strategy meets visual content. Whether it be a brand video, email marketing strategy or complete visual storytelling campaign – we have helped our clients better tell their brand story because we make it easy for their audience to enjoy.

Introducing Visual Content Strategy: A Seamless Three-Step Process

“The strategy is really the heart of VCA – it’s called a Visual Content Strategy. Visual allows ours, clients, to see what they are getting and content marketing is really what they need to be successful online,” says Amy Hadrys, co-founder and Director of Strategy. In the video, Amy passionately points out our 3-step process & why it is a must for clients desiring a content marketing plan for their social media channels. “It starts with strategy and it ends with measuring results. In the middle of all that you have a production plan.”

Our Visual Content Strategy is a custom-tailored, strategic visual roadmap that includes various strategies, annual themes & topics, best practices, and more. At VCA, we often bring together our client’s entire year into a content marketing plan for social media. As Amy adds, “We look at strategy as an approach for being a catalyst for the content. How are we going to get there?”

In order to get there, we have to make it happen visually. Director of Production, Chris Cordova explains that “everything we do at VCA is aimed at creating compelling content online. We get together and we think of different ideas, different concepts that work in all sorts of formats.” In order to do that, we heavily focus on making production our priority in order to streamline the creativity & the chaos that Vincent says content can become. Think of all the photos, videos and assets you have as a company – “it’s our job to take your story and your message and to translate that into something visual,” says Chris Cordova.

Therefore the strategy, production & management all work together to build momentum for the brands we work with. “We are the messengers for the content, we also are the content creators. And we bring that content to life online,“ says Vincent.

The final leg in our 3-step strategic process is to manage & measure our clients’ content results. As content comes alive so do their social communities. As Chris mentions, we pride ourselves on being open with our clients and providing them not only our expertise but resources for their teams to be more successful online. Our strategy team heavily relies on measuring KPIs, benchmarks, milestones along top metrics to assure our production teams are being given the proper information to analyze the way audiences are engaging, reaching, and interacting with their social feeds. We desire to keep reinventing for our clients and making their social message unique online.

Calm & Cool: Our Content Collective

How we work at VCA is very special, in that we have a distinct group of creatives hand-selected by our team leaders. ”We really believe in collaborating with the best. Together, we feel we have created a content collective” says Vincent. As we continue to create content strategies for clients who desire to adapt their brand within a world where social media is virtually at the center of our day, it takes a distinct group of people to make content a reality.

As Amy closes the video, she says, “the time is now to invest in content marketing and I believe that we are at the forefront because we have developed a process that works and a group of people that really are passionate about what they do.” Watch our video in full, below!

Meet Our Team

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