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Finding ways to stay ripe in San Diego.

In September of 2019, Vincent & Amy toured The Cado in San Marcos, California with our client, West Pak Avocado’s Sales & Marketing team. The Cado is an interactive pop-up museum dedicated to the Hass Avocado & its rich roots in California full of “Instagram-worthy” moments.

The museum was created to showcase the journey of the avocado, from seed to skin, and to provide guests with an “appreciation for all that goes into bringing the avocado from tree to toast.” Anne Buehner and Mary Carr conceptualized the space to encourage the conversation about California’s beloved fruit because there’s so much more to avocados than trendy toasts on Instagram.

Our visit to The Cado was also a ripe reunion because Amy & Vincent know the sister-duo, Buehner & Carr of &Boom Unlimited. In fact, Amy used to work with creator Anne Buehner at Red Door Interactive in San Diego!

What was most special about the interactive tour, was that as creatives we are used to being behind the scenes, capturing our clients. This event was unique in that we were forward-facing and had the chance to connect with them one-on-one. One of the special things VCA offers is live attendance & real-time footage, so we captured the event as we went and it made for great insta-stories and fan engagement. Our clients had a great time, they let out their avo-awesome personalities and had fun during each of the museum installations.

Here’s a look at some of the avocado fun we had at the event: