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We are Visual.

Empowering brands to thrive in the digital age with seamless creativity.

Purpose // Vision // People // Connection // 

Purpose // Vision // People // Connection // 

Purpose // Vision // People // Connection // 

Purpose // Vision // People // Connection // 

Purpose // Vision // People // Connection // 


We are a dynamic, creative team that specializes in crafting custom experiences for innovative brands. Our passion is visual storytelling, and we are trusted by industry leaders, founders, marketers, and creators to bring their legacies to life online. Through social media and content, we help ambitious companies stand out from the crowd.

Our Mission

At Visual Content Agency, our mission is to empower ambitious brands through innovative visual storytelling and cutting-edge marketing strategies. We provide customized digital marketing solutions that drive success and growth, helping our clients thrive in the constantly changing digital world.

Our Vision

To create engaging content that showcases our clients’ stories, achievements, and imaginative ideas, helping them shine in a competitive world.


10 Years of Digital Marketing Success Across Owned Media

Started by Amy Hadrys and Vincent Apodaca, Visual Content Agency (VCA) is a full-service digital marketing agency based in San Diego, California.

VCA merges content strategy with video production to propel their client’s high-quality content in just 30 days. Their mission, “Empower Ambitious Brands for a Bold Future,” drives their dedication to streamlining content marketing through the Content360 process.

Our team of creative experts at VCA are dedicated to helping brands achieve their full online potential.

Specializing in industries such as food and beverage, lifestyle brands, non-profits, and mid-size organizations on a national and global scale, we bring award-winning creative content strategies to the table.

From social media marketing to video content production and tailored campaigns, we provide comprehensive services designed to meet each brand's unique needs.

At the end of the day, our goal is simple: to create exceptional digital content by empowering brands to thrive in the digital age.

As your integrated marketing team, all presentations, reports, and meetings will be designed to be easily digestible, understandable, and consumable for the reader, ensuring the best understanding of key point indicators through benchmarks, milestones, and in monthly and annual meetings.


Award-Winning Visual Content Experience with Data-Driven Results

A million little reasons to choose us. In the world of digital marketing, every day, minute and hour counts online. Our experts have been trusted to manage social followings in the millions, develop thousands of creative assets, and connect companies with influential people around the globe.

Based in San Diego, California, our agency is proud to share that we have won the American Advertising Award in four categories since 2020, including integrated advertising campaign, email newsletter, and web. Our longest-standing client to date, West Pak Avocado Inc., has been with Visual Content Agency for eight years, trusting our team as their digital partner.

Meet The Team

Meet the sibling duo behind VCA.

Amy Hadrys

Co-Founder & Director of Content Strategy

Co-Founder & Director of Content Strategy

As VCA’s co-founder and director of content strategy, Amy is a high-level thinker, organizer, and communicator with a focus and passion for brand storytelling.

With a degree in communications with an emphasis in marketing, Amy Hadrys has over 16 years of digital marketing experience. Her strengths lie in developing award-winning content strategies and campaigns for clients, taking the reins of large national and global brands by being their “voice” online, managing bustling social communities, and developing a content workflow for internal teams.

Prior to owning VCA, Amy has had the opportunity to work with a roster of prestigious clients including ASICS America, Shea Homes/Trilogy Active Lifestyle Communities, Souplantation, ENJOY Professional Hair Care, Health Beauty Life Magazine, and a variety of local clients and agencies in the Southern California region.

Vincent Apodaca

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Co-Founder & Creative Director

As VCA’s co-founder and creative director, Vincent leads and oversees our team in the production of all digital assets and spearheads branding and campaign initiatives from inception, project management to final output.

Vincent Apodaca is an expert in professional content production, content strategy, and business management with over ten years of experience in the digital marketing industry. His strengths lie in producing original, compelling visual content for clients across the nation.

He is proud to say that he has had the opportunity to partner with national brands and organizations prior to founding VCA, including Hoven Vision, YB Divided, and Australian clothing line, The Mad Hueys. He has filmed at large-scale events such as MAGIC in Las Vegas, Moonrise Music Festival, Agenda in Long Beach and Las Vegas, LA Fashion Week, and the Pipeline Master’s in Oahu, to name a few.