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We are proud to introduce The Avo Effect – a 2020 video series for client, West Pak Avocado that will bring to light the phenomenon the avocado has sparked within the produce industry worldwide. The series covers the global organization’s avocado footprint along with the significant reach the avocado holds on the company’s core industries like avocado growers, retailers, restauranteurs, distributors, trade commissions, nonprofits, and influencers.

The Avo Effect campaign launched in mid-October at Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit in Anaheim, California. The idea was developed by our team at Visual Content Agency alongside West Pak’s sales and marketing team. With an exclusive voiceover from their Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Doug Meyer, the initial trailer set the precedence for the future pieces – sharing how the time is intrinsically “ripe” for the company’s customers and the industry to hone in on the endless opportunities the avocado brings and the “domino-like” success that extends from it. The goal of each video brings to life topics that show the impact the avocado has on various industries while also capturing real-life testimonies of how the avocado has had a positive effect on businesses, customers, and consumers among others. The avocado truly has created an epiphany like no other.

Since October, three of the Avo Effect episodes have been released online at the Avo Effect landing page & on the company’s social media. The first video titled Avo Affinity at PMA Fresh Summit (below) launched in November 2019. This video captured the Avo Effect of excitement the avocado has in the produce industry & during key events like Fresh Summit – one of the largest produce marketing shows in the world. Our team had a front-row seat to the Fresh Summit show; capturing interviews, b-roll, and footage of the entire show’s events and mingling with avocado aficionados from around the world. Take a look below:

In January 2020, the second episode for the Avo Effect was released in time for football’s (and guacamole’s) biggest day of the year, the Big Game. This video focused on the importance of the avocado from the grove to marketing & in consumer’s homes – let’s just say it truly has become the real MVP of the produce aisle with its undoubted ability to drives sales.

“For the big game, the consumption on that day is the equivalent of every American eating one avocado.” – Doug Meyer, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at West Pak Avocado, Inc.

Next up, West Pak will release the next Avo Effect video called, ‘Humanizing Avocado Love” in time for Valentine’s Day. Our founder, Amy Hadrys & Vincent Apodaca will be sharing what the avocado means to them, too. Stay tuned as we help to spread the impact of the avocado throughout 2020.