#FreshSummit 2019

#FreshSummit 2019

We had the best time capturing avocado content at Fresh Summit, the largest fresh floral & produce tradeshow in the United States.

We’re back from a three-day long event in Anaheim, California called PMA Fresh Summit. With a record breaking 24,000 people in attendance, we were a small speck in a gigantic crowd of the produce industry’s top professionals, influencers & brands. The best part? This was our team’s first time physically attending the show for our client, West Pak Avocado, Inc. & experiencing the live activations & displays from top brands like Pom Wonderful, Avocados from Mexico, Chiquita Banana & more.

Avocado UX Experience

As one of the top three avocado distributors in the world, West Pak desired their booth stand out from the green fruit crowd. They commissioned VCA to create a sight worth seeing with one goal in mind: immerse their audience into their global, dynamic world of avocados.

After months of hard work the creativity resulted in a complete UX experience for their booth & social media. Developed by our Creative Director Vincent Apodaca, the final output was a 7:00 minute custom video designed for their whopping 118” inch LED video screen. In tandem, their team designed a custom seating area for a VR avocado grove walk through. Shot by VCA’s director of photography partner, David Berry & edited by Vincent Apodaca, the tour was a hit as fans flocked to see the groves using the @oculus VR headsets provided.

Social Avocado Activations

To launch West Pak’s 2020 multi-part video series, the Avo Effect in time for PMA, VCA launched the official trailer & landing page days leading up to the event. Amy Hadrys & her social team prepared to host on-site interviews at West Pak’s booth during the event to capture the buzz & excitement. With the help of VCA’s collaborative videographer, Maritza Lopez, the team was able to spread social avocado love with industry partners from AFM (Avocados from Mexico), California Avocado Commission, Fairtrade America & more! In addition to the booth itself, the VCA team supported with 24/7 social support including live stories, customer service & community management on Instagram throughout the weekend.

But don’t worry, we still took time for work, avocados & balance – enjoying tasty samples & fresh floral smells all around.

Take a look at all the fun we had below:

What Goes Into a Visual Content Strategy™?

What Goes Into a Visual Content Strategy™?

A proven process you can see.

This week on “Building Your Visual Brand” broadcast, Amy & Vincent dug into what goes into their content marketing process called a Visual Content Strategy™.

In our last broadcast we covered the four factors to focus on before you jump into the content strategy deep end! We’re following up with that in this broadcast to explain how to get one done in time for a successful 2020 year ahead.

What is a Visual Content Strategy?

At VCA our Visual Content Strategy™ is a 3-step process you can see, where we create your strategy, produce your vision & manage and measure your results. Our definition is that a VCS (Visual Content Strategy™) describes the process of planning, creating and sending the right visual content to the right audience in the appropriate time frame through a repeatable editorial framework. 

Visual Content Strategy Checklist

Create your strategy

  • Start researching by asking these questions.
    • What are your goals & objectives for next year?
    • Who is your audience or your desired audience?
    • What is the voice/tone of your brand?
    • What channels work best for your company? (For example, is Instagram your most effective channel? Maybe LinkedIn connects more with your audience.)
  • Write down everything you researched or put it in a visual roadmap – this is your guiding document for your content messaging, goals & creativity.

Produce Your Vision

  • What types of content will you create throughout the year
    • Dictate what types of content work best for your brand. 
  • Integrate a production plan by deciding what content you need – then plan out your production schedule!
  • Develop content calendars by writing down important dates for the months ahead.

Manage & Measure

  • Assign the right people the right tasks & get to work by distributing content to the channels that matter most.
  • To measure the success of your content try A/B testing, reviewing your Google & social platform analytics & check your top KPI’s like engagement, reach & impressions to see what your audience loves the most.

When its all said & done…

Through discovery, planning & production our Visual Content Strategy™ focuses on utilizing a mixture of owned, earned or even paid content throughout the year through primary formats like core (branded content), micro (bite-sized) & timely (in the now) content.

These content types are effectively designed to be distributed in a custom framework across your top digital platforms! Once you’ve done so, we hope that your strategy helps to improve your brand’s content quality, grow your online audience & meet internal marketing goals while organically growing your long-term reach, engagement & audience loyalty. 

Desiring a custom Visual Content Strategy? Take our 5-minute survey here to see if we are the right for you!

4 Factors To Kickstart Your Visual Content Strategy

4 Factors To Kickstart Your Visual Content Strategy

“65% of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy.”

Don’t jump in the content deep-end! Start with a proven process from Visual Content Agency’s content experts.

This week on “Building Your Visual Brand” broadcast, Amy & Vincent explain how not to jump in the content deep-end by starting with an initial prep process that mirrors our proven Visual Content Strategy.

In our last broadcasts we’ve covered what stands behind the term Visual Content Marketing and why our Visual Content Strategy is the #1 way to put online marketing into action. Now, it’s time to get the facts straight on prepping your strategy.

Four Facts To Prepare You For Creating A Visual Content Strategy

#1 Discovery 

Get your team ready to spend some quality time together. We suggest designating a solid amount of time for a team brainstorm meant to unravel the inner workings of your current state of marketing. This typically calls for a complete run through of your company, brand messaging and annual marketing goals from brand name, location & mission statement to annual revenue & social media. 

#2 Audit Your Content & Distribution Channels

After you discover your marketing’s state of mind, it’s time to audit your content to determine what is working and what areas can be optimized. We suggest starting with your current or projected goals to achieve audit results and what the benchmarks for these goals might be. Let’s say you are planning to host a new campaign to kickoff your new strategy – analyze what past campaigns have shown the best results on your social media channels. From there, dig deeper by focusing on what content resulted in more likes, comments, shares, reach and user-generated content. Next, we recommend a round of digital asset management. We suggest digging into your catalog of past content, photography, videos and more – to see what you have to work with for the next year, too.

#3 Review Competitors

Once you’ve thoroughly audited your content, we recommend always referring back to competitors and what they’ve done within the year. How does your content stack up? Did you run a giveaway for a season and see no results but they had plenty of interaction? Determine how your competitors did vs. yours. Look at their total following and how you relate. See what types of people follow their feed. Begin to see who their audience is and how they are speaking to them on their website, blog and social feed. It’s important to compare and contrast.

#4 KPI’s 

Lastly, take the time to understand the data in your research. If you are not currently tracking, measuring and maintaining a spreadsheet or monthly analysis of your digital efforts, we highly recommend incorporating this into your Visual Content Strategy. These benchmarks are called key point indicators (KPIs). Top KPIs on social media are: . Performance data is essential to enhancing your content strategy. Remember this: Every day, month & year mean something online. Knowing how your content performs is essential to adding more value and budget to creative initiatives annually!

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Building Your Visual Brand Starts Now

Building Your Visual Brand Starts Now

To better educate you on visual content marketing, we decided its best to virtually show & tell you. To do this, we’ve created a monthly LinkedIn Live broadcast series called “Building Your Visual Brand.” In each episode, our founders Amy & Vincent will speak on important content marketing topics designed to help you get a head start on your content marketing strategy & foreshadow upcoming conversations ahead!

Our latest broadcast schedule is all about what it takes to build your content marketing from the ground up. At VCA, we do this by creating a Visual Content Strategy – and we want to show you how it all comes together.

We provide a social media solution for brands to better tell their story through our proven Visual Content Strategy™. Our initial 3-step process is unique, in that we take top factors like time, consistency & vision to translate our client’s content onto their top social media channels through creativity & production. The perk? Everything is visual. As you watch each episode, our goal is to guide you in our proven framework we’ve built, so you can see how our collective of experts confidently manage & measure social results for content success online!

Here’s our upcoming broadcast schedule, so you can keep up!

  • 3 Tips To Know Before Stepping Into Content Marketing – Watch Now
  • #1 Way To Bring Your Visual Brand To Life Online – Watch Now
  • 4 Factors To Kickstart Your Visual Content Strategy – Coming July 31st!
  • Do You Know Who Your Social Audience Is? – August 13th
  • 4 Steps To Producing Monthly Visual Content For Social – August 27th

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#1 Way to Bring Your Brand to Life Online

#1 Way to Bring Your Brand to Life Online

Start here to change your visual brand online forever.

This week on “Building Your Visual Brand” broadcast, Amy & Vincent had some fun defining the ultimate way to bring your brand to life online through content marketing.

In our last broadcast we covered what stands behind the term Visual Content Marketing. This week, we are defining the #1 way to put the most important online marketing into action.

First up – Do you have a brand identity?

You have a brand because you or it have an identity of some sort. First & foremost you probably have a logo to represent your name. You may also have a core message to explain your brand’s purpose. Whether you are a consumer or B2B company, you may provide a product or experience for others.

Ask yourself – is your brand ready for online visibility?

Your company is ready for online visibility when it has enough offline to turn it into reality online. It is also ready when it has a budget in place to hire a team of people or a bandwidth internally within the company to support the effort involved. For example, if your company has a marketing calendar of annual events, this is worth documenting and sharing with your online audience. If you have customers who email or mention to your staff how wonderful your service is, then why not showcase this online in the form of reviews and testimonials? Your brand is visual when it is moving in a direction where the people in place are making it known and your audience are watching. Now it’s time to put your visibility to work!

Let’s make your brand visual!

Did you know: Only 39% of marketers have a content strategy

In order to make your brand visible online & social media ready, you must have a content marketing strategy. At VCA we call this our VCS (Visual Content Strategy). We define our 3-step process as “strategy you can see” through our annual visual process that maximizes long term reach & efficiencies for your digital media marketing goals.

If you are one of the 40% of marketers who have a strategy, is it working for you? If you are of the 60% who desire it – here’s the goal: to be successful on your top digital marketing channels, you need a plan that visually represents your brand on a monthly basis through channels like your company website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedn & even Youtube. For example: graphically placing your logo on images helps to make it stand out. As well, sharing live events on Instagram stories will give your audience social proof that your brand is in attendance.

How to Document Your Visual Content Strategy

Visual content strategy is not created on a whim nor is it an overnight success. A Visual Content Strategy is based on internal discovery, strategic planning and production process paired with a daily plan.

65% of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy. Let’s make your strategy 100% visual

You should focus on creating content that is educational, delightful and inspirational, but most important, 100% visual. Once you do this you should A/B test what works, if one meets your company goals and benchmarks along the way, continue with that strategy.

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3 Tips To Know Before Stepping Into Visual Content Marketing

3 Tips To Know Before Stepping Into Visual Content Marketing

Three content marketing basics you need to know before getting started.

In our new “Building Your Visual Brand” broadcast, VCA co-founders Amy & Vincent sat down for a conversational chat on what it takes to  truly get started in content marketing online.

First off, just what is visual content marketing? Well if you presumably guess visual content mixed with marketing you are not far off. With facts such as, “56% of marketers use visuals in their content 100% of the time” (source), the definition refers to using images to convey valuable information in an engaging visual format. But much more goes into simply creating images with messaging. At VCA, we stand by needing a Visual Content Strategy (VCS) as a roadmap for building out your marketing plan. We also insist you know your mode of communication such as social channels or blog before fleshing ideas out online.

Three Tips You Need Before Starting Visual Content Marketing:

  1. Review Your Business Plan (or get writing!):
    • As a business owner, you developed your company for a reason. When you did this, did you have its initial purpose written down in a business plan, Powerpoint or video? It’s important to revisit the initial reason you created your business, what it does for others (is it a service or a consumer product?), how do you currently operate and market? Think of all the things you do now because this will help you enhance current tactics and turn new ideas into online goals. Whether your brand operated by 500 or perhaps its just you, Amy says “it’s ok if you are one person but you must know that once you start content marketing you must be prepared to never stop.”
  2. Know your brand audience:
    • “Understand your audience, study your audience and then you can be successful (online).” Vincent explains. Whether you are online now or completely offline and looking to tape a leap, you must recognize who your consumer or audience is as of this very moment. If you sell “donuts” or “t-shirts” like Amy points, that’s fine – it’s all about understanding the type of people who are currently supporting your company and helping it drive sales – this is your audience!
  3. Take a deep-dive into your competitors & the like:
    • As Amy puts its it, “You are who you are” – so why not take advantage of this on and offline? Knowing who you are makes you special and unique. But knowing who your competitors are, will help you better frame your Visual Content Strategy along the way, driving loyal fans and viewers back to your company online. Vincent shares that studying your competitors digital efforts is key. “Study the type of content they are making, what time of the day they are posting, what type of emails they are sending out, what their website looks like.” Once you get a feel for how they do things you can also look at comparable brands and influencers to reflect on what they do that inspires you, too!

Do you feel that you have your current marketing in place to take the next step into visual content marketing? Stay tuned for our next episode, as we cover the #1 way to bring your visual brand to life online. (We promise, you won’t be disappointed!)

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