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Don’t jump in the content deep-end! Start with a proven process from Visual Content Agency’s content experts.

This week on the “Building Your Visual Brand” broadcast, Amy & Vincent explain how not to jump in the content deep-end by starting with an initial prep process that mirrors our proven Visual Content Strategy.

In our last broadcasts, we’ve covered what stands behind the term Visual Content Marketing and why our Visual Content Strategy is the #1 way to put online marketing into action. Now, it’s time to get the facts straight on prepping your strategy.

Four Facts To Prepare You For Creating A Visual Content Strategy

#1 Discovery

Get your team ready to spend some quality time together. We suggest designating a solid amount of time for a team brainstorm meant to unravel the inner workings of your current state of marketing. This typically calls for a complete run-through of your company, brand messaging, and annual marketing goals from the brand name, location & mission statement to annual revenue & social media.

#2 Audit Your Content & Distribution Channels

After you discover your marketing’s state of mind, it’s time to audit your content to determine what is working and what areas can be optimized. We suggest starting with your current or projected goals to achieve audit results and what the benchmarks for these goals might be. Let’s say you are planning to host a new campaign to kick off your new strategy – analyze what past campaigns have shown the best results on your social media channels. From there, dig deeper by focusing on what content resulted in more likes, comments, shares, reach, and user-generated content. Next, we recommend a round of digital asset management. We suggest digging into your catalog of past content, photography, videos, and more – to see what you have to work with for the next year, too.

#3 Review Competitors

Once you’ve thoroughly audited your content, we recommend always referring back to competitors and what they’ve done within the year. How does your content stack up? Did you run a giveaway for a season and see no results but they had plenty of interaction? Determine how your competitors did vs. yours. Look at their total following and how you relate. See what types of people follow their feed. Begin to see who their audience is and how they are speaking to them on their website, blog, and social feed. It’s important to compare and contrast.

#4 KPI’s

Lastly, take the time to understand the data in your research. If you are not currently tracking, measuring, and maintaining a spreadsheet or monthly analysis of your digital efforts, we highly recommend incorporating this into your Visual Content Strategy. These benchmarks are called key point indicators (KPIs). Top KPIs on social media are: . Performance data is essential to enhance your content strategy. Remember this: Every day, month & year mean something online. Knowing how your content performs is essential to add more value and budget to creative initiatives annually!

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