Three content marketing basics you need to know before getting started.

In our new “Building Your Visual Brand” broadcast, VCA co-founders Amy & Vincent sat down for a conversational chat on what it takes to  truly get started in content marketing online.

First off, just what is visual content marketing? Well if you presumably guess visual content mixed with marketing you are not far off. With facts such as, “56% of marketers use visuals in their content 100% of the time” (source), the definition refers to using images to convey valuable information in an engaging visual format. But much more goes into simply creating images with messaging. At VCA, we stand by needing a Visual Content Strategy (VCS) as a roadmap for building out your marketing plan. We also insist you know your mode of communication such as social channels or blog before fleshing ideas out online.

Three Tips You Need Before Starting Visual Content Marketing:

  1. Review Your Business Plan (or get writing!):
    • As a business owner, you developed your company for a reason. When you did this, did you have its initial purpose written down in a business plan, Powerpoint or video? It’s important to revisit the initial reason you created your business, what it does for others (is it a service or a consumer product?), how do you currently operate and market? Think of all the things you do now because this will help you enhance current tactics and turn new ideas into online goals. Whether your brand operated by 500 or perhaps its just you, Amy says “it’s ok if you are one person but you must know that once you start content marketing you must be prepared to never stop.”
  2. Know your brand audience:
    • “Understand your audience, study your audience and then you can be successful (online).” Vincent explains. Whether you are online now or completely offline and looking to tape a leap, you must recognize who your consumer or audience is as of this very moment. If you sell “donuts” or “t-shirts” like Amy points, that’s fine – it’s all about understanding the type of people who are currently supporting your company and helping it drive sales – this is your audience!
  3. Take a deep-dive into your competitors & the like:
    • As Amy puts its it, “You are who you are” – so why not take advantage of this on and offline? Knowing who you are makes you special and unique. But knowing who your competitors are, will help you better frame your Visual Content Strategy along the way, driving loyal fans and viewers back to your company online. Vincent shares that studying your competitors digital efforts is key. “Study the type of content they are making, what time of the day they are posting, what type of emails they are sending out, what their website looks like.” Once you get a feel for how they do things you can also look at comparable brands and influencers to reflect on what they do that inspires you, too!

Do you feel that you have your current marketing in place to take the next step into visual content marketing? Stay tuned for our next episode, as we cover the #1 way to bring your visual brand to life online. (We promise, you won’t be disappointed!)

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