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Start here to change your visual brand online forever.

This week on the “Building Your Visual Brand” broadcast, Amy & Vincent had some fun defining the ultimate way to bring your brand to life online through content marketing.

In our last broadcast, we covered what stands behind the term Visual Content Marketing. This week, we are defining the #1 way to put the most important online marketing into action.

First up – Do you have a brand identity?

You have a brand because you or it have an identity of some sort. First & foremost you probably have a logo to represent your name. You may also have a core message to explain your brand’s purpose. Whether you are a consumer or B2B company, you may provide a product or experience for others.

Ask yourself – is your brand ready for online visibility?

Your company is ready for online visibility when it has enough offline to turn it into reality online. It is also ready when it has a budget in place to hire a team of people or a bandwidth internally within the company to support the effort involved. For example, if your company has a marketing calendar of annual events, this is worth documenting and sharing with your online audience. If you have customers who email or mention to your staff how wonderful your service is, then why not showcase this online in the form of reviews and testimonials? Your brand is visual when it is moving in a direction where the people in place are making it known and your audience are watching. Now it’s time to put your visibility to work!

Let’s make your brand visual!

Did you know: Only 39% of marketers have a content strategy

In order to make your brand visible online & social media ready, you must have a content marketing strategy. At VCA we call this our VCS (Visual Content Strategy). We define our 3-step process as “strategy you can see” through our annual visual process that maximizes long term reach & efficiencies for your digital media marketing goals.

If you are one of the 40% of marketers who have a strategy, is it working for you? If you are of the 60% who desire it – here’s the goal: to be successful on your top digital marketing channels, you need a plan that visually represents your brand on a monthly basis through channels like your company website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & even Youtube. For example: graphically placing your logo on images helps to make it stand out. As well, sharing live events on Instagram stories will give your audience social proof that your brand is in attendance.

How to Document Your Visual Content Strategy

Visual content strategy is not created on a whim nor is it an overnight success. A Visual Content Strategy is based on internal discovery, strategic planning and production process paired with a daily plan.

65% of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy. Let’s make your strategy 100% visual

You should focus on creating content that is educational, delightful and inspirational, but most important, 100% visual. Once you do this you should A/B test what works, if one meets your company goals and benchmarks along the way, continue with that strategy.

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