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A proven process you can see.

This week on the “Building Your Visual Brand” broadcast, Amy & Vincent dug into what goes into their content marketing process called a Visual Content Strategy™.

In our last broadcast, we covered the four factors to focus on before you jump into the content strategy deep end! We’re following up with that in this broadcast to explain how to get one done in time for a successful 2020 year ahead.

What is a Visual Content Strategy™?

At VCA our Visual Content Strategy™ is a 3-step process you can see, where we create your strategy, produce your vision & manage and measure your results. Our definition is that a VCS (Visual Content Strategy™) describes the process of planning, creating and sending the right visual content to the right audience in the appropriate time frame through a repeatable editorial framework.

Visual Content Strategy™ Checklist

Create your strategy

Start researching by asking these questions.

  • What are your goals & objectives for next year?
  • Who is your audience or your desired audience?
  • What is the voice/tone of your brand?
  • What channels work best for your company? (For example, is Instagram your most effective channel? Maybe LinkedIn connects more with your audience.)

Write down everything you researched or put it in a visual roadmap – this is your guiding document for your content messaging, goals & creativity.

Produce Your Vision

  • What types of content will you create throughout the year
  • Dictate what types of content work best for your brand.
  • Integrate a production plan by deciding what content you need – then plan out your production schedule!
  • Develop content calendars by writing down important dates for the months ahead.

Manage & Measure

  • Assign the right people the right tasks & get to work by distributing content to the channels that matter most.
  • To measure the success of your content try A/B testing, reviewing your Google & social platform analytics & check your top KPI’s like engagement, reach & impressions to see what your audience loves the most

When it’s all said & done…

Through discovery, planning & production our Visual Content Strategy™ focuses on utilizing a mixture of owned, earned, or even paid content throughout the year through primary formats like core (branded content), micro (bite-sized) & timely (in the now) content.

These content types are effectively designed to be distributed in a custom framework across your top digital platforms! Once you’ve done so, we hope that your strategy helps to improve your brand’s content quality, grow your online audience & meet internal marketing goals while organically growing your long-term reach, engagement & audience loyalty.

Desiring a custom Visual Content Strategy™? Take our 5-minute survey here to see if we are the right for you!