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Shining a spotlight on how social media content has kept the ‘romance’ between businesses and consumers going strong during the challenging pandemic-era

In February 2021, Valentine’s Day will be celebrated with a worldwide pandemic in full bloom. From candlelit Zoom dates to flower delivery services, social media has become the platform for communicating with our loved ones. Just as relationships have had to adjust during COVID-19, so has the relationship between business and customer.

This month, VCA’s theme is shining a spotlight on how social media content has kept the ‘romance’ between businesses and consumers going strong during the challenging pandemic-era to provide you with the best marketing ideas for February 2021.

1. Connect over user-generated content

If you’re looking for the best marketing ideas for February 2021, then look no further than user-generated content. This type of social media content comes directly from your fanbase – either through photos of them using your products, or through other creative or story-driven content. It’s easy and effective, because your fans are making social media content for you. If food is your bag then, for Valentine’s Day marketing ideas, why not develop a hashtag for followers to showcase how they use your products in their Valentine’s Day dinner recipes?

User-generated content forms a community around your brand. When your followers are all checking out the same hashtags and sharing a communal love of your brand via social media, your products become more than just something to buy, transforming into a community hub for building connections.

2. Fall for business love stories

One of the best marketing ideas for February 2021 really keeps the fire going in your consumer relationships. How can customers fall in love with your brand, if they don’t know your story? Consumers want to see the creators behind the products they love. Through social media content, they want to see the creative process and the real life stories behind the brand, especially for small businesses.

Photos of you preparing products for shipping, videos of your design process, or even a description of your morning work routine – personal social media content all brings you closer to potential customers. Live videos are your ultimate matchmaker! It’s even better for customers to comment and interact live with you (and hopefully buy live!).

3. Similarities attract? Romance blossoms when you relate!

The old saying might claim ‘opposites attract,’ but when it comes to the best marketing ideas for February 2021, the opposite is true! Consumers follow you because your content is valuable to them. Your content is at its most valuable when it’s relatable. When businesses seem aloof and corporate, consumers find it hard to connect.

When you understand the ins and outs of your industry, you know the struggles of your profession. All small businesses know that feeling of juggling multiple projects into the early hours – even on Valentine’s Day. Relatable jokes, memes, questions and comments all provoke responses from your audience.

4. It takes two: The importance of content collabs

Collaborations between brands draw in new followers. If you share audiences, you bring fanbases together to discover new brands. When a fashion brand collaborates with a famous artist, for example, the fans of the brand discover a new artist, and the fans of the artist discover a new brand. Collaborations need to make sense within the industry, so it helps to understand your demographic and their interests. Collaborating with smaller influencers is another great marketing tool to connect with niche audiences.

5. Content that cares: Why meaningful content matters

Sharing content that educates and supports important causes provides genuinely valuable content for followers. It’s one of the best marketing ideas for February 2021, because it shows responsibility, authenticity, and accountability for brands. Consumers want to know what their favorite brands are doing to make a difference.

February is Black History Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness of a long neglected part of world history. Black History Month reminds us that meaningful content should be heartfelt and inclusive. The best marketing ideas for Valentine’s Day aren’t always romantic, they should also focus on spreading love and support in our communities, championing vital causes and raising public awareness.

6. Share your love locally

Coronavirus has hit small businesses hardest. If you’re a small brand, it’s time to take to social media and share the love locally! Social media content has often been thought of as a tool for global marketing, but it can also be used to promote locally.

Instagram, for example, has many tools to narrow consumer searches to the local area. When you create a post for your local business, don’t forget to geo-tag your location, and let locals know you’re there! Spreading the ‘content love’ locally is set to be one of the best marketing ideas for February 2021, as consumers seek to support local brands when buying their Valentine’s Day gifts.

“Two-thirds of consumers say they’ve taken some measure to support a small, local business, such as making a special effort to purchase from one of them or promoting them on social media.” –

The best marketing ideas for February 2021 all centered around spreading the love. Whether that’s through showing customers you understand their struggles through relatable content, or sharing your business ‘love story,’ social media content will be your space to make customers fall in love with your business this Valentine’s Day.

  • #ChineseNewYear – 02/12
  • #ValentinesDay – 02/14
  • #MardiGras – 02/16
  • #RandomActsofKindnessDay – 02/17
  • #LoveYourPetDay – 02/20
  • #MargaritaDay – 02/22

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