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We’re predicting the biggest visual content trends to expect in 2020 so you can implement them into your VCS and hit the ground running come January 1st.

We’ve been through this before; the importance of a Visual Content Strategy can really put your business on the map, specifically when it comes to marketing your brand or services. But let’s look at your strategy on a deeper level. Are you using tools that speak to your audience? Are you utilizing visual content mediums relevant to your industry and to society as a whole? What are you doing differently come this new year to make sure your reach grows more impactful? Amy & Vincent share in our latest broadcast, 2020 content trends & predictions. Then, we break it down more intuitively, below!

Let’s start with strategy.

By now, you’ve quantified your results from 2019 to find what works and what..well..doesn’t quite fit the bill in your marketing strategy. In planning for 2020, it’s important to keep and continue to develop what worked but to also adjust things a bit to stay relevant with the ever-changing advancements in this industry.

Storytelling is a big one; it’s not new in the world of marketing, but it’s here to stay! Thought provoking, emotional video spurs interaction and gives your audience something to relate to. The human race is naturally drawn to story-telling, so why not continue to capitalize on this basic form of human interaction and communication?

Another strategy not new to us but equally growing in value is influencer marketing/user generated content. Think about it, this is the modern world’s more efficient form of word-of-mouth. How often do you find yourself buying into a brand because your mom, sister, best friend, or boss raves about it? People feel more comfortable investing in products or services when they’ve seen the proof and it’s coming from real, relatable people. Influencers got their name from influencing buying decisions. They serve as marks of admirability; people aspire to be like them, have the things they have, & live similar lifestyles. That’s what makes influencer marketing so valuable. The difference is influencers are within reach, whereas celebrities are untouchable.

For B2B businesses, educational content, chat bots & messaging, & email marketing create a more personal connection with the audience/consumer. How-to videos in the form of live broadcasts, real-time, or podcasts have become part of the demand when researching before buying. Implement content & media outlets Create that builds confidence in the buyer’s decision to invest in your brand or service. And be readily available to answer important questions they may have.

The way in which you create and produce content based on the strategies above is equally important.

These types of visual content should definitely be implemented in your VCS:

Insta-stories have quickly taken the advertising world by storm. “70% of people discover new brands and products through FB & IG stories alone” (source), meaning stories are the name of the game! This next year, if you’re not active with your stories, you probably won’t get noticed. With instant access, consumers/your audience can absorb your marketing content in seconds, so create your content mindfully. Quick tip: consider the way in which we hold our phones to view videos; create short vertical video content for easy viewing.

Similarly, live-broadcasts have proven to be quite beneficial in marketing strategy. “80% of consumers prefer to watch live videos from a brand than read a blog.” (source) What’s awesome about Facebook and Instagram is that they accommodate all levels of influencers from professional broadcast companies like news organizations to anyone looking to share or spread the word on a topic or brand.

In 2019 our team at VCA set out to test our live broadcasting skills with our “Building Your Visual Brand” broadcast series that were fleshed out on channels like LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook.

Now here’s a fun one: augmented reality. This can be as simple as Snapchat filters, or more complicated like AR for shopping experiences. About 1/7 of the entire world population are AR users according to Augmania. If you’ve tried the Snapchat Dog Filter, you are of this statistic! But the real benefit in AR is the multitude of ways to use it to enhance the shopping experience, benefit the consumer to see the product more intuitively, or even help with more serious issues like a phobia. In fact, 8% of mid-sized businesses are using Augmented Reality (Deloitte).

This past year, we tested our content skills for a client who wanted to provide their audience with a 360 avocado grove experience at a large trade show. Using Oculus we were able to format the footage so booth attendees could feel like they were submerged into a visual experience.

Strategy set, time to execute

Now, all of this is wonderful & new, but what we haven’t shared is the many ways your visual marketing strategy can be streamlined to alleviate a ton of work on your end. There is a multitude of planning applications and programs to help you improve on your social media efforts for the upcoming year; each of which may serve a different purpose, but will ultimately enhance your strategy.

Automation scheduling & visual mapping tools such as Buffer, Planoly, Iconosquare are great options when it comes to scheduling out your social media content in advance. These programs allow you to execute your content in bulk, but schedule it out according to your VCS ahead of time, and post to your social channels automatically. You can find some other examples of types of content management here.

Social media advertising, when done right, can be extremely beneficial to your brand exposure but also tracking results at the end of each quarter. If you haven’t utilized Facebook ads yet, now is the time to get started and broaden the reach of your marketing campaigns.

In your execution, tracking KPIs will help you discover opportunities in your strategy and help you make the necessary adjustments in real-time in order to maximize results. Checking in with your amplification rate, video & story views, conversion rate, engagement, reach, post reach & of course continuing to track followers & growth is where you’ll find really beneficial information on how your marketing strategy is landing if your audience.

Stay Relevant in 2020

These strategies and content types are sure to keep you relevant come 2020, but keep your eyes on industry leaders. And remember, consumers, love new. Seeing the same old advertisements and videos will quickly have them turning their heads toward more progressive competitors. Implement these new strategies and types of content in creative ways that will speak to your audience & keep them intrigued!