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With the start of the spring months, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your visual content.

Spring social media content should be joyful and exciting, featuring amazing events, opportunities for user-generated content, and even some content spring-cleaning! This month VCA is sharing ‘Six Ways to Spring Forward with Visual Content’ – read on to discover our spring social media content ideas!

1. From Mother’s Day to Easter – Hashtag Holidays to Make Your Content Blossom

There are many great holidays to celebrate in the spring, and hashtags are the best way to highlight them to your followers. #Easter has 27.1 million posts on Instagram, while #MothersDay has 24.3 million. Hashtag holidays make wonderful spring social media content because they provide genuinely interesting information to your followers and create a conversation around unique holidays that are not usually highlighted, but that may fit your brand or client. This then encourages consumers to keep a close eye on all your March social media content.

Hashtag holidays also help you find engaging topics for social media outside of your usual content. Need interesting topics through the month, but not sure what to post? Look out for upcoming holidays and dates to share (including some of the ones featured at the end of this article!).

2. User-Generated Content for Budding Brands

User-generated content (UGC) is super effective for social media in the springtime because people are excited to enjoy life in the good weather. When your followers create your content, not only do you save time, but you also build the community around your brand. UGC posts get 28% more engagement than traditional business social media posts. There are many ways to encourage followers to participate in UGC for spring social media.

Why not start a hashtag campaign for followers to get out in the sun and take spring-themed photos incorporating your products? Ask followers for their favorite spring stories to share on your Twitter or Instagram. Create scavenger hunts on your social media, website or online, encouraging followers to search for items related to your brand.

3. International Women’s Month

Great spring content also champions important causes. March is International Women’s Month, and leading brands are sharing facts and stories from the women’s rights movement.

Express your appreciation from your female followers in your spring social media content. Share quotes from famous feminist icons, highlight women’s rights causes from around the world, and even showcase the impact your brand has made on women’s issues. Raising awareness of important causes for your March social media content shows your brand’s accountability, and builds trust and loyalty with consumers.

4. Spring Into Action with Content

Spring is a time when people feel energized to make changes in their lives, and March’s social media content can encourage sales during this time. Consumers are on the lookout for inspiration to spark new routines. Encourage followers to make changes in their lives by inspiring them with your products or services.

How can your brand spring a transformation forward in your followers’ lives? Showcase how your products or services can provide solutions for your followers – whether that’s by helping them tidy their indoor spaces or satisfying their hunger pains. March social media content is the perfect way to show consumers what your brand is really capable of.

5. Spring Clean Your Content

During spring, consumers tend to give old things away and start afresh. Why not suggest ways for followers to declutter, and also streamline your social media while you’re at it? Rather than creating unique posts for each platform with no clear strategy, spring clean your March social media content, and adapt a single blog or social media post into content for multiple platforms.

Take quotes from a blog post and turn it into an amazing insight for Twitter, or a cool graphic for Instagram. From that one piece of content, you can develop your entire March social media content for the month. When you spring clean content, you streamline your social media creative process and draw in new followers.

6. Content Blooms When You Tailor to Audiences

Different followers will appreciate different aspects of spring social media content. Think about your target audience. Who is following you? What demographics do they fit into? What are their interests? What do they need right now? What kinds of spring content are your followers looking for?

Parents are looking for activities with their kids, young people are searching for new trends, students and employees are enjoying getting away from their laptops into the fresh air – and March social media content should reflect these perspectives. Tailor your social media to your audience and your content will bloom!

March social media content is all about spring! Whether it’s through giving your followers a spring in their step by showering them with inspiring user-generated content, or by encouraging some virtual spring cleaning – spring social media content provides the motivation for fresh starts, happy holidays and blooming follower counts.

The best marketing ideas for February 2021 all centered around spreading the love. Whether that’s through showing customers you understand their struggles through relatable content, or sharing your business ‘love story,’ social media content will be your space to make customers fall in love with your business this Valentine’s Day.

March Hashtag Holidays

  • #WorldComplimentDay – March 1st
  • #EmployeeAppreciationDay – March 5th
  • International Women’s Day #IWD2021 – March 8th
  • #StPatricksDay – March 17th
  • #NationalPuppyDay – March 23rd
  • #NationalAgDay – March 25th

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