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Capitalizing on once-in-a-lifetime content opportunities is what we, here at VCA, like to call a WIN. These timely nuggets are the best way for brands to tap into their core audience and create relatable content with personality.

Insert, the Total Solar Eclipse on [date], this celestial event encountered not only a seismic historical conversation but a media frenzy from social to television. According to a recent HubSpot study, 70% of consumers have stated that social media content being authentic and relatable is often considered more important than polished content.

Our Creative Director, Vincent Apodaca, explains: “Content today requires the same workflows, whether it’s lo-fi or commercial grade. You still need a story, a subject, and that’s never going to change.” At VCA, we have found that for most brands, a mix of about 60% high-quality to 40% lo-fi content is essential. However, the production time for timely, raw content is faster and these pieces are generally shorter in length.

For instance, for the Solar Eclipse, we produced a video within hours leading up to the actual eclipse in Southern California at 11 am, launching it swiftly to capitalize on viewership. The same approach applies to any hashtag holiday or unplanned event. Additionally, if Beyoncé or Taylor Swift shares your brand, you must be prepared to create content in mere seconds.