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We watched the Canva Create: Work Redesigned Keynote so you didn’t have to. Here are the key takeaways:

  1. New Features:
    • Magic Write: Customize content with your brand’s voice.
    • Video Tools: Enhance voice quality, find the best clips, and remove backgrounds.
  2. Sales Integrations:
    • Streamline tasks to focus on customer engagement.
    • Create personalized pitch decks with Data Autofill.
    • Access insights to optimize content.
    • Use templates for every stage of the sales process.
  3. HR Integrations:
    • Centralize employee communications and resources.
    • Save time with new onboarding courses and knowledge bases.
    • Use templates and apps to kickstart projects.
  4. Creative Tools:
    • Branding is like nurturing a garden, always evolving.
    • Easily refresh your brand with the replace feature.
    • Canva’s mission is to “Democratize design.”

Here’s a summary of the latest updates from Canva Create:

Canva Create: New Features and Updates Marketing

1. New Tools for Every Team:

  • Bulk Create: Streamline asset creation at scale.
  • Ad Tech Integrations: Optimize and route ads to Google, Meta, and Amazon Ads.
  • Work Kit: Industry-specific templates ready to use.
  • Marketing Apps: Integrate with favorite tools for campaign management, lifecycle marketing, social media, and more.

2. Magic Studio Enhancements:

  • Magic Media: Transform text into graphics.
  • Highlights: Auto-generate clips from video footage.
  • Resize & Magic Switch: Customize designs into personalized documents.
  • Magic Grab: Move, reposition, or resize photo elements.
  • Magic Write: Generate impactful text in your unique tone.
  • Enhance Voice: Eliminate background noise in videos.
  • Styles: Apply design styles with one click.

3. Redesigned Interface:

  • New homepage and editor for a focused creative experience.
  • Centralized sidebar for organizing work, designs, and courses.
  • Improved collaboration features.
  • Expanded app integrations with tools like Slack, Asana, Monday, and more.

4. Canva Apps Marketplace:

  • Over 100 apps to enhance workflows.
  • Tools for project tracking, ad creation, AI image enhancement, and more.

5. Canva Enterprise:

  • Designed to boost productivity and reduce costs for large organizations.

Overall, Canva is focused on integrating tools that streamline workflows for sales, HR, and creative teams, while maintaining a user-centric approach by listening to and addressing customer pain points.