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Ah yes, the taste of fresh, cool water from a can. While we don’t see Cindy Crawford taking a sip from it like Pepsi, it is quite juxtaposed as the exact opposite. What’s unique about Liquid Death is that, to us, they are considered a true challenger brand. One that has questioned the status quo of the Earth’s most unique element and has identified a gap in the market for non-alcoholic drinkers who desire to sip on, well, a kick-butt water that isn’t plastic or clear.

One of the things we enjoy most about working with Challenger Brands is that they think outside the box and justify their reasoning within their industry.

In 2022, 68.2% of Americans reported drinking at least one drink in the last year, but this number is slightly down compared to previous years. Although you might not carry this can around like the ye ol’ Stanley Cup, it certainly is a unique way to stay well and hydrated. Not to mention, []( recently reported that Liquid Death closed a $67 million financing round, valuing the beverage company at a $1.4 billion valuation. The company stated that its financial needs have been accelerated by higher than anticipated retailer demand for its new sparkling water and iced tea flavors expected to launch this spring.

Liquid Death has disrupted the beverage industry with innovative marketing and branding, gaining consumer traction by challenging traditional norms. It will be exciting to see how their unconventional strategies continue to shake up the industry.

Watch our video to see why this brand is disrupting the beverage category, below!