Team VCA shares three quick COVID-19, pandemic-era strategies to make content easily accessible to your audience.

This year, our team has worked countless hours with our clients to ensure that the steps they are taking to help their customers and audiences during the pandemic are priority. To do this, we have created three simple COVID-19 strategies tailored specifically to ensure any organization can effectively deliver an empathetic message clearly and in a timely manner.

  1. Update your audience by creating COVID-19 landing pages or blog posts for website: 

In these uncertain times, we made sure the customers of our clients stayed informed about business during this pandemic such as regulations, timings and safety rules. We did this by creating content regarding COVID-19 based on the client’s industry, region and state. We urged them to implement the messaging on their main content platforms such as blog posts and landing pages with pop-up banners. Through this, the people were kept informed with ways the organizations were handling the pandemic as it pertains to their customers, employees, partners or stakeholders. 

  1. Share current updates on social feeds, live stories and newsletters:

Today, we are all connected through digital channels and our phones. In order to keep more in touch with the customers and create awareness for their business, we helped our clients with creating a strategy that included social messaging, email templates and video content. This also helped our clients to build a trust factor with their customers. 

  1. Created virtual experiences like real-time tours, webinars and Q&A chats:

Understanding the situation of this pandemic, Team VCA also helped clients to turn their in-person events and appointments into virtual formats. This was very important because safety comes first and this helped our clients to prioritise the safety of themselves and others, at the same hand not compromising on their work. 

We are very proud of how team VCA handled such uncertain times while making sure to provide great value to the clients and their customers. Happy clients, Happy us. If you desire additional support in creating a COVID-19 specific content strategy during 2020, we want to work with you! Contact us today at

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