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We are kicking content into high gear this month as we continue on our Visual Content Marketer journey.

March is National Nutrition Month, it is also the beginning of springtime & a chance to revitalize your plans for the upcoming quarter ahead. This month, we celebrate a new month with airy hues of light blue & orange to embrace our theme of “content cardio.” This idea that content is fast-paced & nonstop is true. It is surely a mental, creative marathon where online stamina is driven through consistency, perseverance & community. This month, we invite you to embrace the results of pushing your content to the limit by looking at how the health & fitness industry just, well, does it. In the next 30 days, our experts will share their take on how to take your content up a notch with high-impact social media concepts for results your audience will love to see. Take a look below!

Creative Ways to Make Content “Workout” For You

Before & After

Think of fitness transformation before & afters, they involve time, effort & perseverance by each individual to arrive at their destination. At VCA, our strategic content process is similar to a thoughtful workout plan. In order to get started, we recommend initiating a goal, acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses, and thinking through the types of results (on your social feed) that you want to see.

Train Your Content for Endurance

Mental strength is just as effective and important as physical strength. Thinking through your content before distributing it to each social channel is like training for a marathon before the actual race day. Our Director of Strategy, Amy Hadrys shared one of her favorite “race days” moments in content. Back in 2014, she helped global shoe & athletic wear brand ASICS America plan their strategy for the TCS New York City Marathon – it was quite the extensive feet! “The intricacy and level of pre-planning and ideation were almost as intuitive as the days & moments leading up to the event,” she said. As we mentioned above, always refer back to your big goal – whether it’s to launch a new campaign or create a brand video. The endurance in content becomes the day-to-day actionable steps of creating content around your goal & getting production done!

Run Laps Around Your Competitors

Learn from the best & do it better! Take a look at what your competitors, fellow colleagues, or like-minded publications and influencers are up to. See what is working online from content with the most shares to blogs that have views or comments. Review user-generated content, what influencers or advertisers are partnering with their content? All questions will help lead you to the content finish line.

Thrive With Your Social Tribe

No matter the size of your company, we encourage you to ask your community to share, engage and speak positively about your business. From a review to mentioning your company in an Insta-Story post, these are all ways to show the positive energy offline. We recently asked Katie Attebery of Rush Cycle in our city of Encinitas what social media means for her business, she said “We’re able to connect with our riders through social media. We celebrate their successes, show new riders what they can expect in our community and share news with them like hiring announcements, sales and promotions and other important studio news.” This is huge! In turn, her members show the ways they thrive not only from Katie’s classes but their experience at Rush Cycle, too. Do you have a company that does a great job of making content come full circle in your town?

Brand Muscle Memory

In each workout, you focus on one main action – repetition. By repeatedly enforcing reps with your waits or activities, your body is getting stronger. This muscle memory is the same feeling when it comes to advertising your brand or product. The countless ways you prove and show the value of your product help gain you brand loyalty that triggers engagement and potential sales.

Social Soul

A good brand has a mantra, a mission, and a motive for existence. Dig deep into your brand’s internal psyche, otherwise known as your “why.” Look for ways to bring the purpose to life – whether it be through helpful & motivating quotes, your employees and their testimonies, or interactive events where fans can flock to. Creating spiritual, emotional, and thoughtful content to express your brand will help your content thrive.

March Hashtag Holidays

Here’s a list at shareable March hashtag holidays to energize your feed:

  • 3/6 – #EmployeeAppreciationDay
  • 3/8 – #DaylightSavings
  • 3/9 – #IWD2019 (International Women’s Day)
  • 3/17 – #StPatricksDay
  • 3/19 – #FirstDayofSpring
  • 3/23 – #NationalPuppyDay
  • 3/24 – #NationalAgricultureDay
  • 3/26 – #NationalSpinachDay

Get ready for March – we are taking you into a whole new theme that will pick up the pace and make those hearts on your social feed beat a little faster. Stay tuned!