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Having kicked off our Visual Content Marketer campaign with an ode to the Wizard of Oz, it’s rightfully so that we take you along our content road with ruby slippers to guide you home!

This month’s color is red & our theme is all about love, connection & hospitality. We invite you to love content with all your heart by expressing it on your feed. Join us in ramping up your feed & following along the content journey by choosing to incorporate these creative feed concepts into your social media, below.

Four Creative Ways to Express Content Love in February

1. Content Makes Hearts Content

Always remember, there’s no place like your (content) home – this is your feed, the hub that makes your personality, brand or voice come to life! This month share information that is meaningful; from your inner thoughts on life, devotion, connection & memories. Look at your content strategy as an opportunity to look beyond the norm. Use your social feed as an outlet to feel inspired and express yourself & brand with your heart & soul. See things you’ve never seen and challenge yourself, followers & clients to admire life with a hopeful perspective.

2. Life Is Like a Box of Content.

Our social feeds are as serendipitous as a box of chocolates! Use your stories, feed & blog as a way to celebrate and enjoy life (not just on Valentine’s Day!. If you are a marketer, influencer, or managing a brand remember that content has the ability to be created in many forms: we must strive to create a sense of surprise with new ideas and expression. This will keep your audience coming back for more. Stay tuned as this month, Amy & Vincent tour the home of Chauo Chocolatier in San Diego, California.

3. A life well-traveled.

“Je vois la vie en rose” means to see life with rose-colored glasses. Is that what social media depicts for brands? Perhaps it’s uniqueness, a facade, or simply a striving for endless perfection. This February, look at sharing authentic online travels, experiences, products & services on your feed as an expression of love & connection.

There is no better niche today that does this better than the travel & hospitality industry. To show you how to create a truthful feed your audience will love – take a look at our newest blog, “5 Social Media Strategy for Hospitality & Travel brands”, here.

4. Do What You Love

Lastly, in February, ensure you do what you love! Starting on February 16th is Entrepreneurship Week, celebrate by showcasing the reason you do what you – and why you enjoy doing it.

February Hashtag Holidays

Here’s a list at shareable February hashtag holidays your feed will love:

  • 2/1 – #GoRedForWomen
  • 2/2 – #SuperBowlLIV
  • 2/9 – #NationalBagelDay & #NationalPizzaDay
  • 2/11 – #NationalInventorsDay
  • 2/14 – #ValentinesDay
  • 2/20 – #LoveYourPetDay
  • 2/22 – #NationalMargaritaDay
  • 2/25 – #FatTuesday & #NationalPancakeDay
  • 2/27 – #NationalStrawberryDay & #NationalPancakeDay
  • 2/29 – #NationalToastDay