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6 ways you can give momentum to your brand through social media content in 2020.

2020 has been a crazy one. There has been so much uncertainty all around the world, people are trying to adjust to this ‘new normal’ with so much changing economically, socially, and politically every single day. People are practicing social distancing, trying to stay safe in their homes, businesses have been shut down and people have lost their jobs. On the other, people are also claiming that they have gotten clarity on their priorities, whether it be life or their businesses. Despite being locked down or told to stay home by the governments, the world seems to be more connected than ever before through the most powerful tool that is CONTENT.

We here at VCA, have always been talking about content and its importance, however, this month we are going to take this step further and tell you how ‘Content Can Give You Wings’. Content gives your brand the power to reach places, never even heard before. Therefore here are the top 6 ways you can give momentum to your brand through social media content in 2020.

1. Content Creates Inclusivity:

Content is for anyone and everyone, it has the power to unite the world without discrimination of any sort e.g. race, gender, class, religion or culture. When such inclusivity takes place through content, then it creates this positive energy where movements are formed, ideas and shared, history is discussed, injustices are condemned and people come together in solidarity. Last month, we saw how millions of people from all over the globe were coming together in solidarity with ‘Black Lives Matter (BLM), which was a major revolutionary movement against racism. Interestingly, while all around the world this movement caused a stir for good, the majority of people were still in quarantine all around the world, however, the only thing that kept them connected to this movement was content, a means of showing their solidarity. Big companies were pausing their Facebook and Instagram ads like Puma and Starbucks, people were turning their Instagram posts black and the trending hashtag #BlackoutTuesday, where there was a collective action against racism and police brutality which created a global impact. This is how important content creation can be, it gives an ordinary person the superpower in contributing to changing the world.

2. Content can boost a brands energy

Social media is all about content creation and sharing. Today we know how people are becoming influencers based on their content creation, they share content that has a meaning, and then their followers consume this content, gaining value and resonating with it. However, not everyone might agree with every content out there and that’s the beauty of social media that keeps the conversion going. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok let their users create different kinds of content through options like IGTV, sharing stories, sharing pictures, writing captions, and making music videos. These different ways of content creation have given so many brands the energy to speak up about what they believe in and what the world needs, whether it be environmental issues, politically, social or economic like gender wage gaps. Brands can use this time productivity and use this attention to create positive energy with their audience to bond over issues that matter especially when the entire attention is towards social media platforms as a means of connection, even the live-streaming sector has grown 45% since COVID-19 started.

3. Content is a safe haven for opinion

The opportunity to create content and share it is available to everyone in this world, given that they have a social media platform, which the majority of them do. According to Statista, there are around 4 billion social media users around the world. When more than half of the world is connected through social media there are very different perspectives and opinions online. What content does for them is not only let them speak up about what they believe in but also find like-minded people who might have the same opinion as you do. On the other end, Sharing your opinions with the world might seem very powerful, but there can be a lot of backlash if some people don’t respect your opinion or might believe in something opposite. Therefore, options like Facebook and Linkedin groups can help brands bring their audiences in a closed arena, where people can openly voice their personal opinions in a safe and secure environment. Content in a closed arena, will help brands bond with their consumers more, provide them value while creating a safe haven for option.

4. Content helps brands express their voice & story

COVID-19 has affected everyone very badly, especially startups. When it might seem insensitive for brands to market and advertise themselves, Content allows them to advertise through storytelling. As they say, storytelling sits at the root of all great advertising.

Today, small local startups or big companies, all are reaching out to their customers through the means of content, expressing their voices and stories of how it is affecting them and what can be done. Content here helps these businesses not just advertise themselves and create their brand awareness but also bond with consumers to a deeper level. Another example of this can be how during the Black Lives Matter Movement ( BLM ), black-owned businesses came out with stories of how racism has affected them and what they do. Stories like these not only helped people know about these brands but also support them in any way possible. We will be providing a list of black-owned businesses at the end of this post, so you can show them some support.

5. Content helps represent strength in numbers

Content helps people to connect in ways that were not possible to generations before us. Content has helped people to unite on key issues and events such as Juneteenth and trend important hashtags, one such mentioned before, #blackouttuesday. Content has the power to make significant changes in the world, it represents what the majority wants which ultimately creates authority. Content also has the power to change people’s mindsets, especially when the content is backed by a united strength. The type of content generated by big brands, with millions of followers such as Nike, Samsung or McDonalds, has a big influence on their audience. If brands join their audiences in a key issue by putting out similar content, they will not only add more strength to the issue, but gain more trust of their followers. This will eventually increase their brand value even more.

6. Content helps brands create a global community

Content creation and consumption is free on almost all social media platforms. People just have to sign up and join this global community, where worldwide new connections are made every day from the comfort of home. Today, Content globalization is helping brands all over the world build an international customer base. This was rarely possible before content creation was available to brands to market and advertise themselves. This global following further helps them reach more people and increase their brand awareness.

When we say content gives you wings, it can help brands gain the power to reach places they have never even thought about. In today’s world, which is globalized and interconnected, content plays a very important role in a brand’s momentum.

As promised, here are some of our favorite black-owned businesses you can support today :

July Hashtag Holidays

Here’s a list of July holidays & hashtag dates to guide your social journey:

Upcoming hashtag holidays
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  • 7/17 – #WorldEmojiDay
  • 7/19 – #NationalIceCreamDay
  • 7/24 – #NationalTequilaDay
  • 7/29 – #NationalDayofFriendship
  • 7/30 – #NationalAvocadoDay

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