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With a new decade & year in full swing, we proudly introduce Visual Content Marketer. Our newest campaign is a colorful approach to the nostalgic “technicolor” days. It’s been said that “a century ago, people worried that color would ruin motion pictures; instead, it changed visual narratives forever.” No longer is the world static, monochromatic, or dull – as experts, it is time for our agency to showcase the way people, brands & companies can express themselves online through the colorful, dynamic world of content marketing. This year, our goal is to show how being a marketer in this era is about being versatile, multidimensional & opportunistic through the use of content – the most powerful resource available online today.

A refreshing approach to content marketing

Defining what a Visual Content Marketer is might sound a bit arbitrary. After all, there are content creators, producers & influencers everywhere. VCA plans to focus on industries that have been instrumental in shaping social media from the start; such as hospitality & travel, health & fitness, food & beverage, entrepreneurship, fashion, tech & more. Agency co-founder & creative director Vincent Apodaca says that “The campaign is really centered around opening a door to new ideas, colors & creative themes that define not only our agency’s niche verticals but the entire marketing industry.” Each month, the team will release a new color & theme and with it, a mix of branded content, video, curation & live storytelling defining a content tone reflective of creativity, exploration, mentorship & influence.

Follow the content road

Starting the first week of February, Visual Content Marketer’s official campaign & monthly theme will be released. The beginning of the month will kick off an ode to the iconic Wizard of Oz film with “Follow the Content Road.” Our content experts will take you from monotone design to a color wheel of endless possibilities as you embark on your adventure with us. In mid-February, our team will release the first color for 2020!

“Each month is special, important & unique – we want our audience to join us in seeing the benefits & life cycle of content online, each day, week & month is really a colorful, visual experience unlike any other,” says Amy Hadrys, co-founder & Director of Strategy.

Look out for the campaign at & social media such as Instagram. Share the Visual Content Marketer in you with VCA using the hashtag #watchyourvision.