Impressed By The Press Coverage of West Pak’s “The Avocado Family”

Impressed By The Press Coverage of West Pak’s “The Avocado Family”

Between October 2017 through July 2018, Visual Content Agency worked with West Pak Avocado Inc.’s marketing & PR team to release a series of press announcements explaining, educating and celebrating the launch of The Avocado Family’s visual storytelling campaign, Growing a Ripe Legacy mini-documentary & the launch of their new website. In turn, top publications within the produce & food and beverage industry covered the exciting news. Here are a few samples of the media coverage below:

West Pak Story: Carrying a Legacy Forward (Vol. 29, Fall/Winter 2017), The Snack Magazine

Both print & digital formats of “West Pak Story: Carrying a Legacy Forward” were released by the nationwide publication, The Snack Magazine in December 2017. A the five-page spread showcasing the history & legacy of West Pak’s founders involved a storytelling effort between West Pak’s marketing department, Purely Visual PR & Visual Content Agency’s visual production team for both photography and interview excerpts via the Growing a Ripe Legacy mini-documentary. View digital format, here or print version, here.


“The holidays are around the corner, so it’s time for family, but West Pak Avocado, Inc. has a different family experience in mind for you. The global packer, shipper, and distributor is launching a new digital campaign called The Avocado Family. That sounds like a family I wouldn’t mind spending quality time with.” Read more, here.


“West Pak Promotes Avocado Family” (October 20th, 2017), The Packer News

“The campaign aims to continue the company’s commitment to growing industry relationships, new ventures in global markets, industry innovation and continued branding for the avocado,” Read more, here.

“Preparing for new leadership West Pak Avocado debuts new campaign” (October 20th, 2017), Fresh Plaza

“As West Pak founders, Randy Shoup and Galen Newhouse are preparing to retire, they will hand the reins of the company over to CEO Mario Pacheco, a former executive with Chiquita Banana. The campaign will serve as a foundation for carrying on their legacy. ” Read more, here.


“The Avocado Family’s new ventures in global markets” (November 1st, 2017), The Produce News Daily

“West Pak Avocado Inc. of Murrieta, CA, launched The Avocado Family, a digital campaign for the global packer, shipper and distributor of avocados.” Read more, here.


AndNowUKnow (ANUK) is a website company dedicated to delivering the latest news, trends and market updates for and about the produce industry, it also one of the most popular publications for trade advertising in produce marketing. For the launch of West Pak’s Growing a Ripe Legacy they shared the excitement to spread the word. “West Pak Avocado has officially unveiled a new company video and welcomed its audience inside the world of the much beloved avocado—through the eyes of the company’s “Avocado Family.” The company’s Growing a Ripe Legacy documentary celebrates its rich heritage as the film follows the seed-to-store journey of West Pak avocados.” Read more, here.


“West Pak video details rise of company, future plans” (March 29th, 2018), The Packer News

“West Pak Avocado, founded more than 30 years ago, has plans to continue global expansion. The company sources from multiple growing areas, including Mexico, where these avocados are at the Uruapan, Michoacan, West Pak facility.” Read more, here.


“West Pak Debuts Visual Storytelling Campaign” (March 29th, 2018), Perishable News

“West Pak Avocado, Inc. of Murrieta, California officially unveils their new company video, which welcomes its audience inside the world of green fruit through the eyes of the first family of avocados. This visual storytelling experience outlines the company’s rich heritage and the avocado’s seed-to-store journey.” Read more, here.


“From small avocado packing company to global business” (May 19th, 2018), Fresh Plaza

The West Pak founders’ journey should provide inspiration for these ‘produce pioneers’ that are working hard to introduce and promote new products into the market. Shoup has some advice for them, and it all starts with the basics. “Know your product well, maintain the best possible standards, and treat your growers like family. The true road to success is built upon ethics, attention to detail, and stellar business practices.” Read more, here.

I Love Avos #IHeartAvos American Heart-Check Campaign Spreads Avocado Love

I Love Avos #IHeartAvos American Heart-Check Campaign Spreads Avocado Love

Having worked with avocados for years through the fresh perspective of client, West Pak Avocado Inc., we know a thing or two about the endless joys avocados bring to people everywhere. In September 2017, the organization’s bagged brand division, I love Avocados received word that its American Heart Associations’ Heart Check application was approved, making I Love Avocados one of the newest & first avocado bagged brands to hold this prestigious honor – along with a nod to healthy lifestyle’s everywhere. To celebrate this honor, the ILA team turned to VCA with an ask to develop a 90-day social campaign celebration & hashtag giveaway for their loyal avocado loving fan base during the brand’s most popular industry tradeshow, PMA (Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit. The campaign was a success receiving over 12 press pick-ups in their trade & 150 quality entries through their giveaway with top industry influencers chiming in world wide! Here’s a look at how the campaign was spotlighted throughout the produce trade media, below.

“West Pak’s New I Love Avocados Brand is Heart-Check Certified” (September 18th, 2017), And Now U Know – Produce News

“West Pak Avocado, the innovator behind the I love Avocados™ brand, has announced that the signature item has earned the American Heart Association’s (AHA) coveted Heart-Check mark designation. The certification means the product meets strict dietary criteria for health foods.” Read more, here.


West Pak Selects Visual Content Agency For Latest “Avo-Opportunities” Campaign

West Pak Selects Visual Content Agency For Latest “Avo-Opportunities” Campaign

In a recent article from And Now U Know – Produce News, the produce trade publication shares the unveiling of West Pak Avocado Inc.’s company-wide marketing campaign to celebrate the unveiling of West Pak’s new website, video storytelling experience, and retail program. “Spearheaded by West Pak Marketing Manager George Henderson, West Pak’s new website, video, and AVO-opportunities campaign is a collaborative effort between various departments within the company and external specialists. In addition to web development, Visual Content Agency, a digital marketing firm in Carlsbad, California, produced the corporate video, web assets, and digital marketing campaign.” Read more, here.

The Visual Storyteller’s Guide To Adding Any Video Into Your Content Strategy

The Visual Storyteller’s Guide To Adding Any Video Into Your Content Strategy

Get the facts on video, then get visual

Before you pitch your team about adding video to your marketing plan, know the facts:

  • 85% of Companies Find Success with Video Marketing. – ReelSEO
  • 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. – Adobe

  • Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%. – Syndacast

So, now for the good stuff – getting started. How does your business integrate video into your social media & content strategy? Surely we admire the brands, bloggers, social media managers & marketers who make it look easy. The truth is, it takes time and consistency. To help you out, we’ve created an essential guide to adding ANY video into your content strategy.

How to add video into your content marketing strategy

“Wait. Don’t you guys do this? Create videos & content strategy?” We sure do. We believe you need to know the down low. Why? To ensure you are aware of the key components that go into creating a quality visual experience. (You can thank us later)

Video is vital to brand storytelling on every level

A highly consumable & demanding part of your strategy, videos are no longer a one-time process. For example, at our agency we manage cinematic campaigns around a stunning social video but we also work on daily Snapchat strategies or Insta-stories. Below, you will see why following our step-by-step process for strategically integrating video into your content marketing strategy is an on-going digital effort.

Step 1: Go for the Goals

To begin with, define your overarching goals by asking the tough questions: Where are your current content marketing goals headed? Are you happy with your daily social content? Does your audience understand your brand story?

Our Director of Strategy, Amy Hadrys recommends a solid brainstorm before launching or starting any new digital push:

“When deciding to add video,  our clients comes to us to strategically capture their vision. But before we even get started, our main priority is to have a solid brainstorm and review current marketing capabilities and bandwidth to assure that larger video goals can be accomplished within the client’s time frame.”

Remember, your marketing never stops – so it is vital to add content at the appropriate times – video included. Always review your current, past & potential content because these insights will prove valuable when digging deeper into the facts, like social analytics and sales. What is currently happening on your various digital channels & how can video add value?

Step 2: Know Your Social Audience

If you are planning to create daily content and messaging for your beloved audience you must ask yourself first – do you really know your audience?  This well help you decide the types of visual content you should create right from the get go.

Here’s an example: Perhaps your clothing line, set to attract young 20-somethings is actually reaching slightly older demographic on certain posts AND better yet, these posts are part of your sales funnel. Great! Review your content performance based on your audiences engagement & interactions to give your team a better idea of the types of video you seek to create.

Do not add video into your content strategy without asking yourself this question: Who is your digital audience audience?


Step 3: Research What Competitors & Influencers Love

Does your “competition” run social video laps over yours? Hone in on your audience & do your research accordingly. If you are strapped for time, utilize content experts to run an audit of your brand. This will provide insight into your channels and others. Remember, always stay in tune with like-minded social accounts for inspiration.

Step 4: Define Channels of Distribution

Decide on the best social channels to include in your visual content strategy. Which social media channels meet your audiences needs?Which ones crave video? More so, which ones produce traffic back to your site?

Step 5: Determine Your Budget

Investing in brand storytelling thru video is as impactful as it can be profitable for your business. If you are considering live storytelling like Instagram stories or daily updates on Snapchat, factor in props and travel budget for outings to accompany your footage. Will you need assistance with all of this? Remember visual storytellers are capable of working aside teams to capture visual content that makes the most sense.

Step 6: Select Your Video Type

After aligning your goals, audience, budget & so forth it’s time for the best part –  choosing the video(s) that best reflect your content marketing needs. Here are a few awesome video types you might consider:

  • Personalized Video Advertisements – Watch the campaign from Lexus, ‘Beyond Utility 1000 to 1″ (below) to get the full picture. Essentially targeting anyone and everyone through personalized video & customized targeting.

  • Native Videos – Like Air New Zealand, simply prompt your audience to act without the sales pitch.
  • Cinematic Stories – Create a short story that pulls on the heartstrings of your audience. Ideal for commercials, brand-centric storytelling, large events & milestones

  • Explainer Videos – share how to’s or tricks
    • Animation & .gifs – Quick, easy to dream-up and ideal for statistics & quick facts.

      • Testimonial video – What’s the inverse of a client testimonial? Let Dollar Shave Club show you. They turn the tables on themselves by answering the question, “What the FAQ?”. By using their employees to answer their audiences questions naturally trumps any level of doubt.

  • User-Generated Content – Watch “Shot on iPhone” & you’ll see how even your audience can make an effortless impact for your brand.
    • Live Broadcasting – Two words: Chewbacca Mom. After this mom’s Facebook Live video went mega viral, we are all believes in live broadcasting (and a feel good laugh). This type of content is not just on Facebook, but useful on Instagram Stories, Periscope &  more. Chewbacca Mom not included.

    • Raw, un-cut footage –  Let DJ Khaled show you how it’s done, with his utterly perfect Snapchat compilation. Be real on camera and even save some in your content vault for a few Snapchat Milestones.

    Step 7: Action!

    Your big video venture is ready to be set in motion. From pre-production creation to your big launch day, your social channels are going to be even more engaging with the amazing videos you will create. Would you like to talk to partner with our expert storytellers on a project? Click here to get in touch.



    Six Networking Pointers From San Diego Startup Week

    Six Networking Pointers From San Diego Startup Week

    First time startup? Get the most of any social event with these six networking tips.

    In business lingo we are considered a bootstrap startup agency – which means we are new, young and eager to work hard. It also means we need to build our network. That said, in mid-June we had the opportunity to attend San Diego Startup Week, a week-long event inviting over 3,000+ entrepreneurs, 150 events & organizers. What’s the most important thing we learned about attending a networking event? First off, getting out of our digital comfort zones & getting there! We reviewed the event list of key speakers, coordinated our team schedules, selected our tracks that included everything from seed funding to social media, then went forth to conquer our game plan.

    Our journey was fantastic! You’ll see below, but we utilized our time effectively & met some truly wonderful people along the way. Now, we live to write about.


    Six Networking Tips From A Real-Life Startup 

    From top leaders to community influencers, we were served our fair share of awesome individuals and businesses. So we took our experience & compiled a first-hand list of recommendations to acing your social networking – in person!

    Impress, Yourself. Before walking out the door each day, embark with confidence. Know your business – better than you know #PokemonGo. After all, no one knows what you do. In fact, we recommend coming up with easy introduction of who you are and why.

    All ready for #SDSW day 3, let’s do this. #lifeisreel

    A photo posted by © Reelativity ( on


    Get Social. Although you might be a first-time attendee, utilize the benefits of your social channels to get (and stay) connected. The week before the event, we headed to the SDSW site, browsed influencers and made our own Twitter list on social of attendees we virtually or physically would like to meet. Daily, before each event – we did our social due-diligence which included: sharing our experiences in real-time on all fronts, like Snapchat, Facebook Live & Instagram. Each morning & afternoon we focused on creating fun, timely visual content for the next day – allowing us to make ourselves present at all times.

    #SDSW Day 2 down! Informative day, we really enjoyed watching pitches and networking.

    A video posted by © Reelativity ( on

    Take notes. Sure, you aren’t in school but when attending an event, why not take the responsible path? Jot down your favorite quotes, nods of advice and pointers. Trust us – you won’t remember it later. At one of our favorite events, “The Top Things That Happen to Companies In The Growth Stage”, where the CEO’s of Bizness Apps, Veyo & CloudBeds shared a wealth of information, advice & their favorite reading material. (Check it out via this pin board) If it works for them it will work for us, right?

    Speak & Be Seen. Each event we attended gave us the opportunity to communicate with the guest speakers. During “Pitch the Journalist” we were able to live pitch & chat with Jennifer Van Grove, the technology journalist at the San Diego Union Tribune. Did we participate? You betcha. If don’t ask, you’ll never know. Plus, guest speakers like Jennifer, dedicate their day to sharing their knowledge with us.

    “Mixer” It Up. Most events are like this: learn all day, mingle all night. Our tip? Show up to the events that you feel are a great fit & come prepared.  Know the theme of each mixer, ask questions, bring business cards & do what you came to do – meet others.

    Last night’s Startup Crawl was a blast! Met lots of new companies like @property_capsule! #sdsw

    A photo posted by © Reelativity ( on

    Leave a lasting impression.  After the event is all said & done, follow-up. Everyone you met, mingled and tweeted with is a potential opportunity for increasing your connections & building new relationships. The key – look into your new connections, outreach for the stars & see if you can help them or add value. But if you do leave a lasting impression – you’ll know it. Like this tweet we received, from the @homingin – winner of the SDSW pitch contest:

    Networking is such an important part of expanding and sharing who you are with others. Take advantage of each event you attend & remember to always be your self(ie).

    Ready to network with us? Contact our visual storytellers for more information, here.





    7 Pre-Launch Strategies for New Startups

    7 Pre-Launch Strategies for New Startups

    Here’s how to successfully prepare your brand for a digital launch before even getting started.

    “San Diego is an incredible place to live, and an even cooler place to launch.” That’s the mindset at San Diego Startup Week, the weeklong celebration of entrepreneurship we attended in June. Our purpose for attending: see what businesses in their startup phase are doing & how things are going. We had a blast, learned some valuable networking tactics & also got a feel for how businesses are going about handling their content & social media online.

    One important thing we noticed is that many companies were struggling with their pre-launch startup phase. Many have solid, amazing ideas – from apps to services – they just need a process in place before launching.  So we pieced together our notes, your pain-points & wins into a list of  seven pre-launch strategies. Browse below before presenting your great idea to the digital world.

    The Pre-Launch Checklist For Startups

    Before we work together to create an out-of-this-world launch campaign, give these tips a shot – espresso not included.

    1. Do your research. Is now the right time for your business to be in the market? Is now the right time for you to launch your business? Factor these important questions into your initial research & analysis, before deciding to move forth with your big launch.
    2. Know Your Vision. “Beyond just a memorable logo, good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier.” (source) From the tone, audience, pricing to credibility – it’s important to know the message you want to send to your online audience. Have your team (or if solo, yourself & close network) review your brand goals, packaging, product, catalog, etc – if you know & love it, others will do the same.
    3. Brainstorm Your Higher-Level Goals. A one-day, meeting of the minds to organize your launch vision. Before even contacting an agency, before looking for new employees or placing Craigslist ads out of frustration – talk it out, think it out and write out. Ask yourself & others: What is my digital vision? Who is my target audience? What can my company do to make an impact? Record your meeting so you can make sloppy, ugly, all-over-the-place notes & doodles that help your mind relax. Then, listen to it all over again (and again).
    4. Develop a Business Plan. Assign one person on your team to take all the mumble-jumble from your brainstorm, organize the key takeaways and write one-page, high-level action plan for your business. (If you are rolling solo, well then look yourself in the mirror and give yourself a pat on the back). Make a simple-one sheet to start, like this.
    5. Focus on 3 T’s – Time, Team & Trust. Every moment counts – set tasks and goals to make sure your team is on track to prepare for your brand launch. Investing in measuring your time, creating a solid internal team built on trust and dedication, will prepare your company for larger goals beyond your push – like culture and consistency.
    6. Develop a Digital Content Strategy. Here’s where you might need an extra hand. First off, a content strategy is the “process of planning, creating and sending the right content to the right audience in the appropriate timeframe through a repeatable editorial framework.” Did we mention – this process is vital to a successful outcome? Organize or recruit a team of experts – like our visual storytellers – to create content magic for your brand.
    7. Set Your First Campaign Milestone. When will your big launch, be?  You know your brand, you have a solid action plan, a great team, a strong content strategy & a promising idea- heck it’s time to piece it all together. Here, you will align  your brand vision with your digital strategy to creatively share your brand online. – think visual content, video, social media content & more. Additionally, it is vital to distribute & track your content to assure you are seeing the KPI’s (key point indicators), like sales, that you want to see! Make sure your efforts are showing results to assure  your first campaign is a success on all fronts. Need a little help? Learn the details of our visual launch campaign service, here.
    8. Prepare for Takeoff. Don’t miss your milestone – keep with your launch date. Why? “Don’t let fear of failure paralyze you from even attempting to start your small business. If you keep waiting around for that “perfect” moment, it will never come, and the opportunity for success will have passed you by.” (source)  Here’s an extra tip: A/B test your content before its public. Soft-launch with your family & friends, share it with old coworkers or personal Twitter followers. Get feedback before your launch milestone for fine-tuning.


    Need an extra hand (or paw)? Learn about our Launch Campaign Service & don’t forget to share your tips & strategies for getting your digital ducks in a row on social, using the hashtag #LifeIsReel.