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Between October 2017 through July 2018, Visual Content Agency worked with West Pak Avocado Inc.’s marketing & PR team to release a series of press announcements explaining, educating and celebrating the launch of The Avocado Family’s visual storytelling campaign, Growing a Ripe Legacy mini-documentary & the launch of their new website. In turn, top publications within the produce & food and beverage industry covered the exciting news. Here are a few samples of the media coverage below:

Both print & digital formats of “West Pak Story: Carrying a Legacy Forward” were released by the nationwide publication, The Snack Magazine in December 2017. A five-page spread showcasing the history & legacy of West Pak’s founders involved a storytelling effort between West Pak’s marketing department, Purely Visual PR & Visual Content Agency’s visual production team for both photography and interview excerpts via the Growing a Ripe Legacy mini-documentary. View digital format, here or print version, here.

“Meet The Avocado Family, West Pak’s Newly Launched Digital Campaign” (October 19th, 2017, And Now U Know – Produce News

“The holidays are around the corner, so it’s time for family, but West Pak Avocado, Inc. has a different family experience in mind for you. The global packer, shipper, and distributor is launching a new digital campaign called The Avocado Family. That sounds like a family I wouldn’t mind spending quality time with.” Read more, here.

“West Pak Promotes Avocado Family” (October 20th, 2017), The Packer News

“The campaign aims to continue the company’s commitment to growing industry relationships, new ventures in global markets, industry innovation and continued branding for the avocado,” Read more, here.

“Preparing for new leadership West Pak Avocado debuts new campaign” (October 20th, 2017), Fresh Plaza

“As West Pak founders, Randy Shoup and Galen Newhouse are preparing to retire, they will hand the reins of the company over to CEO Mario Pacheco, a former executive with Chiquita Banana. The campaign will serve as a foundation for carrying on their legacy. ” Read more, here.

“The Avocado Family’s new ventures in global markets” (November 1st, 2017), The Produce News Daily

“West Pak Avocado Inc. of Murrieta, CA, launched The Avocado Family, a digital campaign for the global packer, shipper and distributor of avocados.” Read more, here.

AndNowUKnow (ANUK) is a website company dedicated to delivering the latest news, trends and market updates for and about the produce industry, it also one of the most popular publications for trade advertising in produce marketing. For the launch of West Pak’s Growing a Ripe Legacy they shared the excitement to spread the word. “West Pak Avocado has officially unveiled a new company video and welcomed its audience inside the world of the much beloved avocado—through the eyes of the company’s “Avocado Family.” The company’s Growing a Ripe Legacy documentary celebrates its rich heritage as the film follows the seed-to-store journey of West Pak avocados.” Read more, here.

“West Pak video details rise of company, future plans” (March 29th, 2018), The Packer News

“West Pak Avocado, founded more than 30 years ago, has plans to continue global expansion. The company sources from multiple growing areas, including Mexico, where these avocados are at the Uruapan, Michoacan, West Pak facility.” Read more, here.

“West Pak Debuts Visual Storytelling Campaign” (March 29th, 2018), Perishable News

“West Pak Avocado, Inc. of Murrieta, California officially unveils their new company video, which welcomes its audience inside the world of green fruit through the eyes of the first family of avocados. This visual storytelling experience outlines the company’s rich heritage and the avocado’s seed-to-store journey.” Read more, here.

“From small avocado packing company to global business” (May 19th, 2018), Fresh Plaza

The West Pak founders’ journey should provide inspiration for these ‘produce pioneers’ that are working hard to introduce and promote new products into the market. Shoup has some advice for them, and it all starts with the basics. “Know your product well, maintain the best possible standards, and treat your growers like family. The true road to success is built upon ethics, attention to detail, and stellar business practices.” Read more, here.