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“Nice job explaining this new initiative to my team, they are fired up and looking forward to it (and there are so many Avo-opportunities that will come from it)”

– Doug M., Senior VP of Sales & Marketing – West Pak Avocado Inc.

“Your presentation looks amazing and is very well articulated. It’s also really exciting to see everything coming together. You both have done such a great job!”

– Kelly T. | Purely Visual

“I just wanted to let you know that we landed a very large grower because of our web site and social media campaign. It’s a big win for us because it validates our investment and gives us ROI on our social media campaign. Again, a great job” 

– Galen Newhouse, Founder | West Pak Avocado Inc.

“My team! So very proud of all of you! We will soon be touching the stars bringing light to so many who live in solitude. Thank you all!”

– Kathleen Newhouse, Owner | Just A Breath Away Foundation

“ It was such an enormous pleasure working with the two of you.  I will always refer your services to others. You did such an amazing job for PWG.”

– Margie A. | Marketing Manager, PWG

Our Process 

From concept to content here’s how we conceptualize your visual content strategy:

Understand Your Vision

Build Your Content Machine

Manage & Measuring the Results

Impressed By The Press Coverage of West Pak’s “The Avocado Family”

Between October 2017 through July 2018, Visual Content Agency worked with West Pak Avocado Inc.'s marketing & PR team to release a series of press announcements explaining, educating and celebrating the launch of The Avocado Family's visual storytelling campaign,...

I Love Avos #IHeartAvos American Heart-Check Campaign Spreads Avocado Love

Having worked with avocados for years through the fresh perspective of client, West Pak Avocado Inc., we know a thing or two about the endless joys avocados bring to people everywhere. In September 2017, the organization's bagged brand division, I love Avocados™...

West Pak Selects Visual Content Agency For Latest “Avo-Opportunities” Campaign

In a recent article from And Now U Know - Produce News, the produce trade publication shares the unveiling of West Pak Avocado Inc.'s company-wide marketing campaign to celebrate the unveiling of West Pak’s new website, video storytelling experience, and retail...

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