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Food and Agriculture


Celebrating 40 years of ensuring the best-in-class service of avocados worldwide


Monthly Assets

“Food and Agriculture” Social Media Feed Refresh

Visual Content Agency identified a solution for West Pak Avocado’s need to revitalize its brand’s 40-year existence on social media. This solution involved ensuring that its “Food and Agriculture” feed becomes a compelling destination for insightful avocado-related content, centered around the company’s mission to focus solely on avocados. The campaign aimed to promote the company’s fair, ethical, and sustainable business practices, as well as its sales and marketing initiatives, through a creative presence.

The Feed Flip Strategy

To improve engagement on West Pak Avocado’s “Food and Agriculture” social media feed, Visual Content Agency proposed the “Feed Flip” strategy. This strategy involved a bold battlecry against the competition in an effort to solidify the company’s stake in the avocado industry. The goal was to creatively revitalize the brand’s key messaging of ensuring the best-in-class avocados worldwide through visually appealing content and fostering employee engagement & online connections.

Social Media Presence

Visual Content Agency aspired to increase reach and engagement within the brand’s core industry while laying the foundation for a new impactful tone through creative conversation that would resonate with both existing followers and potential newcomers. This initiative represented a commitment to excellence and innovation in social media management and content creation for West Pak Avocado.

Increase in Reach
Increase in Instagram Visits

Before & After Feed Flip



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