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Brain injury turned brush strokes

Brain injury turned brush strokes.


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Need for Engaging Content Strategy

n 2006, Kathleen survived a nearly fatal ruptured brain abscess. After her recovery, she founded Just A Breath Away, an organization focused on raising awareness and support for those affected by severe traumatic brain injury (STBI). Just A Breath Away partnered with Visual Content Agency to create a digital story that would inspire hope and positive change for brain injury survivors and their families. The challenge was to create a content strategy that conveyed the organization’s values and experiences while connecting with their audience on a deep level

The Feed Flip Strategy Visual Storytelling with Feed Flip

To improve engagement on West Pak Avocado’s “Food and Agriculture” social media feed, Visual Content Agency proposed the “Feed Flip” strategy. This strategy involved a bold battlecry against the competition in an effort to solidify the company’s stake in the avocado industry. The goal was to creatively revitalize the brand’s key messaging of ensuring the best-in-class avocados worldwide through visually appealing content and fostering employee engagement & online connections.

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