Why Do You Need Visual Content for Social Media Marketing Success?

Let’s face it – 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

Individuals interact with a brand or influencers visual content on social media primarily because of this fact:

The brain processes visuals approximately 60,000X faster than text – source

Offering your audience genuine, relevant, compelling stories is the ultimate goal these days, right? That’s why your first priority should be to capture your audience the moment you have them watching your brand in the palm of their mobile hand. In turn this happens:

94% more total views on average are attracted by content containing compelling images than content without images – source 

Before you go out and add some awesome, perfectly manicured stock photos to your social feed, we recommend using stock as only one resource for your branding.  Turns out, realistic & emotional forms of visual content tap into you audience’s psyche & newsfeed.

Create a solid social media strategy around visual content

We recommend you always have a social game plan in mind when preparing to dominate with visual content.

  • Build a brand with purpose

Whether you are part of a brand that speaks volumes to your community, has been around for decades or is brand spanking new, you need a solid content strategy with purpose. Defining old values, new goals and overarching themes that fit into your marketing and advertising goals is key but what is golden? Knowing and understanding how speak to your audience from your brand perspective. We admire TOMS Instagram – they serve up daily content that ties back to their overall mantra of giving & helping others. Take a look:

  • Be “damnnnn” inspiring with your visual content

Millennials find user-generated content 50% more trustworthy than any other media. While only 1% of marketers are on Snapchat, the growing platform is key to telling daily, unique stories where visual content is the key component. The next generation is teaching marketers a thing or two about opening up a new door to reality. Like, #DamnDaniel, a kid with white Vans and a smartphone who’s hilarious video with his friend ranked in 25 MILLION views on Youtube over night. Even The Ellen Show brought the duo on & gave Daniel a lifetime supply of free Vans. How’s that for “Insta” advertising? What is important to recognize your brand’s ability to capitalize on user-content & mentions, while appealing to the masses in a genuine and timely manner. As you inspire thru reality, from behind the scenes footage to blogger takeovers, fans will rely on your brand’s social media as a voice within their “social life”. 

Oh I thought you said “hammm” – @itsdougthepug

A photo posted by vans (@vans) on

  • Create a content niche

We’ve all heard the saying, “be so good, they can’t ignore you.” This rings true within the social media community, all day, everyday. One of the best ways to brand yourself is to be true to your culture, voice and brand mindset. We thoroughly enjoy scrolling thru Brittany Wright’s Instagram (below), it’s unique, colorful and effortlessly organized. But what is even better than the bright pop colors and OCD consistency? It’s grounded, the style doesn’t sway and neither to her designs. What niche are you in? More so, what story are you looking to tell?

Cereal #FoodGradients created for @SamsungMobileUSA.

A photo posted by Brittany Wright (@wrightkitchen) on

Stick to Share-worthy Visual Content Stories

So what types of visual content should you be integrating to inspire and naturally resonate with your community? A boatload, that’s a fact. But in reality, you should be developing visual messages daily around a larger story. Here’s the DL: content isn’t rocket science, but it takes time to create. Developing a solid social strategy to plan out your content daily will allow you to manage the varieties you will need for a consistent workflow for reel engagement.

  1. Photographs
  3. Branded Images
  4. Short-form videos
  5. How-To’s 
  6. Live Broadcasting & Image Messaging


The Power of Visual Content #infographic

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