First time startup? Get the most of any social event with these six networking tips.

In business lingo we are considered a bootstrap startup agency – which means we are new, young and eager to work hard. It also means we need to build our network. That said, in mid-June we had the opportunity to attend San Diego Startup Week, a week-long event inviting over 3,000+ entrepreneurs, 150 events & organizers. What’s the most important thing we learned about attending a networking event? First off, getting out of our digital comfort zones & getting there! We reviewed the event list of key speakers, coordinated our team schedules, selected our tracks that included everything from seed funding to social media, then went forth to conquer our game plan.

Our journey was fantastic! You’ll see below, but we utilized our time effectively & met some truly wonderful people along the way. Now, we live to write about.


Six Networking Tips From A Real-Life Startup 

From top leaders to community influencers, we were served our fair share of awesome individuals and businesses. So we took our experience & compiled a first-hand list of recommendations to acing your social networking – in person!

Impress, Yourself. Before walking out the door each day, embark with confidence. Know your business – better than you know #PokemonGo. After all, no one knows what you do. In fact, we recommend coming up with easy introduction of who you are and why.

All ready for #SDSW day 3, let’s do this. #lifeisreel

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Get Social. Although you might be a first-time attendee, utilize the benefits of your social channels to get (and stay) connected. The week before the event, we headed to the SDSW site, browsed influencers and made our own Twitter list on social of attendees we virtually or physically would like to meet. Daily, before each event – we did our social due-diligence which included: sharing our experiences in real-time on all fronts, like Snapchat, Facebook Live & Instagram. Each morning & afternoon we focused on creating fun, timely visual content for the next day – allowing us to make ourselves present at all times.

#SDSW Day 2 down! Informative day, we really enjoyed watching pitches and networking.

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Take notes. Sure, you aren’t in school but when attending an event, why not take the responsible path? Jot down your favorite quotes, nods of advice and pointers. Trust us – you won’t remember it later. At one of our favorite events, “The Top Things That Happen to Companies In The Growth Stage”, where the CEO’s of Bizness Apps, Veyo & CloudBeds shared a wealth of information, advice & their favorite reading material. (Check it out via this pin board) If it works for them it will work for us, right?

Speak & Be Seen. Each event we attended gave us the opportunity to communicate with the guest speakers. During “Pitch the Journalist” we were able to live pitch & chat with Jennifer Van Grove, the technology journalist at the San Diego Union Tribune. Did we participate? You betcha. If don’t ask, you’ll never know. Plus, guest speakers like Jennifer, dedicate their day to sharing their knowledge with us.

“Mixer” It Up. Most events are like this: learn all day, mingle all night. Our tip? Show up to the events that you feel are a great fit & come prepared.  Know the theme of each mixer, ask questions, bring business cards & do what you came to do – meet others.

Last night’s Startup Crawl was a blast! Met lots of new companies like @property_capsule! #sdsw

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Leave a lasting impression.  After the event is all said & done, follow-up. Everyone you met, mingled and tweeted with is a potential opportunity for increasing your connections & building new relationships. The key – look into your new connections, outreach for the stars & see if you can help them or add value. But if you do leave a lasting impression – you’ll know it. Like this tweet we received, from the @homingin – winner of the SDSW pitch contest:

Networking is such an important part of expanding and sharing who you are with others. Take advantage of each event you attend & remember to always be your self(ie).

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