“Influencer Outreach involves identifying key individuals who can deliver important content to your target audience.” – Brand Watch

Build Branded Relationships

Do you want to get your latest product into the hands of your niche market? Do you have an important message you want relayed and feel bloggers can help you create a larger reach? Influencer outreach is a great opportunity that can help get your campaign out to millions of people. But that’s the basic explanation. Influencer outreach is a way to meet the people who genuinely love your brand – it’s voice and perspective, after all, 68% of consumers trust online opinions from other consumers. As your brand develops solid relationships from bloggers and even publications who are willing and able to share your ideas your brand begins to grow authentically and develop traction it may have never had otherwise.

The Process

The blogging community is home to millions of connected networks from foodies to mommy bloggers, fashionistas and athletes. Building an influencer outreach marketing campaign involves a variety of different components – meeting bloggers, engaging with their content and identifying the right collaborations for your brand. From here we use segment our internal workflow around creating a solid influencer strategy, visual content campaign and multiple modes of online and offline communication – each work together to built and cultivate a team of brand ambassadors who advocate for your campaign.

According to a Tomoson Study, “ Influencer marketing was rated as the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channel, beating organic search, paid search and email marketing. “

Remember, each influencer becomes part of your brand experience – as they share and promote your campaign and in turn their followers do too. We will develop a visual campaign using tools and resources that get bloggers to talk about your product, message or newsworthy content.

I’m With The Brand

Ready to hand us over a VIP pass inside your brand? Let’s get started now.


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