Why You Need Visual Content for Social Media Marketing Success

Why You Need Visual Content for Social Media Marketing Success

Why Do You Need Visual Content for Social Media Marketing Success?

Let’s face it – 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

Individuals interact with a brand or influencers visual content on social media primarily because of this fact:

The brain processes visuals approximately 60,000X faster than text – source

Offering your audience genuine, relevant, compelling stories is the ultimate goal these days, right? That’s why your first priority should be to capture your audience the moment you have them watching your brand in the palm of their mobile hand. In turn this happens:

94% more total views on average are attracted by content containing compelling images than content without images – source 

Before you go out and add some awesome, perfectly manicured stock photos to your social feed, we recommend using stock as only one resource for your branding.  Turns out, realistic & emotional forms of visual content tap into you audience’s psyche & newsfeed.

Create a solid social media strategy around visual content

We recommend you always have a social game plan in mind when preparing to dominate with visual content.

  • Build a brand with purpose

Whether you are part of a brand that speaks volumes to your community, has been around for decades or is brand spanking new, you need a solid content strategy with purpose. Defining old values, new goals and overarching themes that fit into your marketing and advertising goals is key but what is golden? Knowing and understanding how speak to your audience from your brand perspective. We admire TOMS Instagram – they serve up daily content that ties back to their overall mantra of giving & helping others. Take a look:

  • Be “damnnnn” inspiring with your visual content

Millennials find user-generated content 50% more trustworthy than any other media. While only 1% of marketers are on Snapchat, the growing platform is key to telling daily, unique stories where visual content is the key component. The next generation is teaching marketers a thing or two about opening up a new door to reality. Like, #DamnDaniel, a kid with white Vans and a smartphone who’s hilarious video with his friend ranked in 25 MILLION views on Youtube over night. Even The Ellen Show brought the duo on & gave Daniel a lifetime supply of free Vans. How’s that for “Insta” advertising? What is important to recognize your brand’s ability to capitalize on user-content & mentions, while appealing to the masses in a genuine and timely manner. As you inspire thru reality, from behind the scenes footage to blogger takeovers, fans will rely on your brand’s social media as a voice within their “social life”. 

Oh I thought you said “hammm” – @itsdougthepug

A photo posted by vans (@vans) on

  • Create a content niche

We’ve all heard the saying, “be so good, they can’t ignore you.” This rings true within the social media community, all day, everyday. One of the best ways to brand yourself is to be true to your culture, voice and brand mindset. We thoroughly enjoy scrolling thru Brittany Wright’s Instagram (below), it’s unique, colorful and effortlessly organized. But what is even better than the bright pop colors and OCD consistency? It’s grounded, the style doesn’t sway and neither to her designs. What niche are you in? More so, what story are you looking to tell?

Cereal #FoodGradients created for @SamsungMobileUSA.

A photo posted by Brittany Wright (@wrightkitchen) on

Stick to Share-worthy Visual Content Stories

So what types of visual content should you be integrating to inspire and naturally resonate with your community? A boatload, that’s a fact. But in reality, you should be developing visual messages daily around a larger story. Here’s the DL: content isn’t rocket science, but it takes time to create. Developing a solid social strategy to plan out your content daily will allow you to manage the varieties you will need for a consistent workflow for reel engagement.

  1. Photographs
  3. Branded Images
  4. Short-form videos
  5. How-To’s 
  6. Live Broadcasting & Image Messaging


The Power of Visual Content #infographic

How to Win at Visual Content in 2016

How to Win at Visual Content in 2016

11 Ways to Win at Visual Content This Year

To help you score winning visual content with your online community we’ve put together our  Visual Storyteller playbook to keeping your brand’s content engaging, delightful and compelling during any season, not just during The Big Game.

15 Seconds of Fun: How to Win at Visual Content

Crush the competition with a Content Game Plan

If you want to rush yards over your competition, creating epic Superbowl Sunday content is a great place to start. Engrained in our memories are unforgettable game day moments like golden retriever pups, ripe avocados and crunchy cheesy triangle chips – in fact, the sheer 30 seconds of bite-sized bliss are equally as much of a tradition as fans in painted faces and team apparel. Surely, there’s a little something for each of us to see during The Big Game, but what about the rest of the year?

It’s no doubt that we are a mobile, social bunch. Fill a stadium of smartphone users and you’d realize that the average American looks at their phone 46 times every day while forming first impressions within 50 milliseconds. It seems safe to say that our desire to consume virtual, digital content is more and more apparent each year. With that, it is important to keep your audience enthusiastic about your brand online in order to keep ’em coming back for more. Here’s how to get started:

The Visual Content Playbook

Score at visual content creation and avoid unwanted hurdles & fumbles

  1. Pep Talk

It takes motivation and determination to create a solid content plan. Do you think flat laydowns and social videos happen overnight?  Talk to your internal team about your idea, jot down notes around your visual content thoughts and set up a time for a huddle to get ideas flowing. Think logically about what your brand’s outlook is for the season – a new collection, website launch or perhaps just adding some pep in your daily content step.


  1. Group Huddle

You wouldn’t head into a game without a huddle, would ya? Gather your team and discuss your strategic plays to make sure you have the right players ready to delegate, produce and conquer your concept.


  1. Kickoff with a solid strategy

A content strategy does many things for a brand, but what it does well, is that it works to share your bright idea with your digital audience in a timely manner. Understanding the types of content you want to create based on goals, trends and even competitive analysis is key. Here you analyze and research your creative concept thoroughly – think market data, social insights and most importantly, your audience. Once you’ve thoroughly researched, its now time to put together a well-organized game plan around your creative concept. But this cannot be done alone – gather your teammates, explain your direction & make a plan to develop content around your visual goals.


  1. Condition Your Content For Game Day

It’s all about preparing for game day when it comes to content strategy. When is the launch day? Do you have three days or 3 months? Understand your bandwidth, budget and resources first and this will allow you to determine the depth of content you can create. Here’s our content rule of thumb: think simple, delightful, eye catching – sometimes less is more.


  1. Position Your Content For Success

Before you begin to produce creative content for your concept, think of each piece as part of your strategic plan. Will you create a core video that tells your brand story or a blog series with creative imagery. Thin of where it fits along with what day you will launch it. After all, you wouldn’t put your star quarterback on the bench would you? We recommend creating an editorial or content calendar to lay out when your creative pieces will be shared, this way each date around this promotion comes with a purpose.


  1. Hike it with hashtags

You might not realize it, but hashtags are key in creating a promotional oomph, engaging your community and tying the pieces of the content pie together. Whether you dream up a hashtag during your huddle or post-strategy, its important to check the relevancy of this hashtag to your long-term goals and also to make sure its not too common, especially if you decide to brand it. Hashtags are also important for key dates, like #SB50, the Big Game hashtag – not only is it a huge American event but this hashtag is timely and current; grouping mass posts together & making content searchable by millions.

  1.  Pass your content to the right channels

It’s true, each social channel has a purpose. Where Facebook is often more of your niche community, Twitter is a place to converse with influencers & so forth. Make sure you plan to share the appropriate content types with the right audience to get reel engagement out of your pieces.

  1. First Down – The Launch6Launch day is game day to the content world. This means your hard work is ready to shine. Whether you promote it on Twitter or share it on Youtube, the biggest deal of all is the cheer of your social crowd.
  1. Avoid fumbles to achieve content goals!

It’s important to analyze your new content daily to see how your audience is interacting. Perhaps the social video your shared on Instagram did great! Now test embedding it within a blog post on LinkedIn for new views. Also, consider promotional or social advertising options for an extra boost – tracking your wins as well as your losses, will only make your content moving forward stronger.

  1. Score a two point conversion with user-generated content

Remember that awesome hashtag you created for your visual content? Your audience loved it, so did your influencers & now they are sharing the concept too! For example – we created our first branded hashtag: #LifeisReel in order to share images that resonated with our team. Then we asked friends to share it, too. We saw amazing traction that amplified our reach to new potential followers because fans begin sharing the hashtag with images of why their life is reel, too! That being said, scoring content around your content is the ultimate reward.


  1. Hail Mary! Go for a game winning touchdown 

The ultimate content win? Having created a visual experience that allows your audience to resonate with your brand. After all, this is what we call reel engagement! Your team feels accomplished & your social & digital audience is, too. That being said, you are now free to do a content “happy dance” – you’ve earned it.


Bottom line: Creating visual images and video with the right strategy spells out digital success!

Like our playbook? Contact our team of Visual Storytellers today & we will put it into action.

11 Reasons Why “Social Video Eats The World” in 2016

11 Reasons Why “Social Video Eats The World” in 2016

Get Ready to Press Play with Social Video in 2016

Yup, Fast Company said it: Social Video Eats the World in 2016. And it could only remind us of  one iconic figure: Pac-Man. Remember the 1980’s video game phenomenon? Metaphorically speaking, social video takes a bite out of its visual content pellets, perusing thru its digital maze, aware but unscathed by its competition. In fact, this small but might content trend is a brainer to most of us digital marketers. With Facebook alone reporting 8 billion daily video views, it is, without a doubt, a trend to build on for the new year. To make an impact online and jump in with the trend, we recommend reading the data, below and configuring how to defeat your enemies (not ghosts or goblins) but production cost and time for a digital strategy worth watching.

Instantly Impact Audiences With Shorter, Meaningful Video

Most businesses now recognize that in order to build your brand’s online community, you must understand your audience both on and offline. With over 8.3 billion spent last year on social media advertising it makes sense that  73% of companies are integrating social media teams into their digital activities. Just as it has become necessary to use and implement social media daily, so is the trend to use social video more often than not.

One of the reasons social video does truly munch and crunch in the race for digital domination: It has the ability to quickly and effectively articulate a brand’s message in a matter of seconds. Short-form, social video fuels and feeds one of the most important aspects of using social media for anyone and any brand – communication. Content is important – but perspective is key. Bringing a brand to life thru the content and the context, will surely prove valuable over time. Whether on an iPhone or thru a cinematic production, the real kicker to create emotional, visual experiences that tap into your audiences psyche. It’s not hypnotism my friend, its storytelling.

11 Reasons Social Video Just Makes Sense 

Reports from 2015 prove that audiences are avidly watching and consuming video now more than ever. Which is why it is up to content producers to develop a visual experience that ties social media & video into one content umbrella. But we can’t tell this story alone, therefore we captured the most eye-catching social video data from the likes of Cisco, Hootsuite to ReelSeo & Hubspot that will leave you craving more content & dreaming about what’s “reel”y next.


  1. Video will account for 80 percent of global internet traffic (source)

  2. 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI (source)

  3. Nearly a million minutes of video will be shared every second (source)

  4. 71% of Companies Plan to Increase their Video Marketing Budget – Because it Works! (source)

  5. It would take an individual 5 million years to watch all the video that will be shared each month (source)

  6. The number of video posts per person has increased 75 percent globally and 94 percent in the U.S. (source)

  7. The amount of video from people and brands in News Feed has increased 3.6 times year-over-year (source)

  8. Midway through 2015, mobile video plays exceeded 44% — up 74% from 2014 and up a whopping 844% since 2012. (source)

  9. Between April 2015 and November 2015, the amount of average daily video views on Facebook doubled from 4 billion video views per day to 8 billion. (source)

  10. In July 2015, Periscope users were watching 40 years’ worth of videos every day. (source)

  11. On average, more than 50% of people who come back to Facebook every day in the US watch at least one video daily (source)


Why does Social Video Mean Business? Click here to watch more. Get connected with one of our visual storytellers – just shoot us an email here.


[INFOGRAPHIC] 2015 Holiday e-Commerce Wrap Up

[INFOGRAPHIC] 2015 Holiday e-Commerce Wrap Up

 Yule Be Happy With This Holiday e-Commerce Story

This season we are wrappin’ (or shall we say rappin’) up the best holiday e-commerce stats around to adorn your virtual tree with a twist.  Rather than take you to the ghost of internet past or shoot you into the holiday e-commerce future of virtual reality – we bring you to the present with  fascinating numbers that sing gloriously from the roof tops of every home or smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection or gigs of data.  The goal?  To prove social media goes hand in hand with digital shoppers purchases. It’s no surprise that shoppers are mobile and ready to visually click-to-purchase rather than browse and walk. Which is why we are paying close attention to online sales – who is shopping, what consumers are shopping for and what channels they are actively on.

[Infographic] #ReelTimeCarols In The House

Our visual storyteller elves have gathered five glorious numbers that prove its time to get creative with your online holiday campaign.


Let’s Wrap (or Rap) Up Holiday 2015

Before you run off and ramp up your online storefront or add extra glee to your social channels read on for a holiday wrap up, just for fun!

♫ Yo, so you wanna shop till you drop, no need to worry, plop on the couch and avoid the scurry ♫


Your thumbs might hurt from scrolling but your feet sure won’t. Most shoppers actually purchase the majority of their holiday gifts before Cyber Monday. But don’t fret!  Rather-Be-Shopping.com points out that the best dates for some of our favorite gifts, like laptop deals and winter apparel, are actually between December 15th-18th.


♫ Make money, money, go shoppin’ 


If you haven’t noticed, Target is on point (no pun intended), but really – they’ve spent their budget wisely. AdWeek says that Target has allocated 30% more to social media this year than any previous year to date and have gotten with the online program like no-Buddy the Elf’s business. Just last week they launched  Target Wonderland – building a 16,000-square-foot holiday-themed, digital and interactive playground located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking neighborhood. This should bring holiday joy to marketers. But more so, it presents the fact that online is important for brands and consumers alike. Hubspot reports that 25% of brands are investing in content marketing and 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that shares custom content – can we say REEL ENGAGEMENT?

 ♫ Saw it on Insta shiny & new – thought to myself, that’s how I do ♫


New & emerging brands are utilizing their social resources this season and with good reason; according to Fortune, “analytics company comScore is estimating that people will spend $70.1 billion buying gifts online during the holiday season, which is a 14% jump from the previous year.” With these efforts allows for more online opportunities and with this equates to more content from online retailers via their social channels to drive purchases. One of the best ways to allow new customers to understand your brand? With 15-seconds of social video – visually tell your story in order to get your growing (and eager) online community to learn more about who you are.

♫  When dudes shop for gifts it’s like shoppin’ for bread, but you shop on Prime you’ll receive the best deal instead ♫ 


“Men spend more time than women shopping for their significant other (52 percent versus 34 percent)” says Businesswire. Let’s be honest, its as equally difficult to shop for bread as it is to shop for mom, but according to eMarketer online takes men’s stress away. This infographic comparing male and female online shoppers points out that when shopping online, men take about 10 minutes to complete a purchase vs. 14 minutes for woman. Would you look at that!

♫ Storytelling warms shoppers hearts and bring sales soaring thru the analytics charts ♫


Ain’t that the truth? Curalate (as usual) has us feeling all warm and fuzzy over in our visual content workshop. Connecting with 1 or a million consumers is honestly an amazing feeling for any marketer. But what’s even better? Having consumers feel connected to the brand. We must remember that we all are consumers – so its best to think of how we would like to experience and connect with one another. Isn’t this by far the most important part of creating one-of-a-kind visual content for the holiday season? Remember, to make your experience mobile and logistically possible (purchase, packed and shipped on time) and of course, visually engaging with a thoughtful omni-channel approach socially-savvy shoppers will return for holidays to come.

Ready to take your next campaign up a notch for 2016? Contact our visual content elves now or sign-up to receive a FREE copy of our Visual Services Lookbook here.







My #LifeIsReel Because…

My #LifeIsReel Because…

What Makes You Feel REEL?

3 weeks ago we had an epiphany; we were tired of focusing our content around what we do (not that we can’t talk about visual content ALL day). But the truth is, we love our social community, so we figured why not hear ’em out? So in a short prompt (seen below), we reached out to our social audience, asking people to fill in the statement: My #LIFEISREEL because…



What is #LIFEISREEL all about? In a short direct message on social we simply wanted to know from followers and influencers alike, this:


Using Instagram as our primary channel, we DM’d, commented and spread the word with fun visuals. To make sense of it all we kept track of our hashtag and the proof is Reel Engagement at its finest.


The #LifeisReel Response

The response has been intriguing & delightfully unexpected. Some posts have packed a punch (with one of the greatest fighters of all time, Floyd Mayweather, Jr.), some have been behind the lens (with 50 cent, at that! ), while others have been “cheeky” keen (like Australian brand The Mad Hueys) and most of ’em are just plain bad ass (literally, but hey.. we ASKED). Basically, our followers rock and so do our clients. It’s not easy to say that content rules your day, but it makes our team tick, too. Everyday our team hops onto our Instagram feeling blown away, we views each response, and connect internally with everyone who shares. It’s very real to us because it fuels are passion for visual content and quite frankly it pumps us up to create, share and compel for YOU – our followers, favorites and clients (or all of the above). Do you live for the micro-moments you can’t see? We sure can’t help too, after all – these are the hidden gems of storytelling. The amazing part of user-generated content like this is the effect that one simple question has on people;  it inspires and ricochets emotion seen thru video and imagery throughout social media. Have you seen #LIFEISREEL in motion? Well go ahead & scroll down below to see what we mean:


I think this is what life is about. #lifeisreel @reelativity.co Photo by Jack Lue. A photo posted by Anna Sentina (@annapocalypsee) on

masculine inhale, feminine exhale #35mm #LIFEISREEL

A photo posted by caitlin kozuma (@thekozuma) on

They’ve nick named me the “View-Finder” #lifeisreel @reelativity.co #mexico #losangeles #baltimore A photo posted by © PVA Pictures (@pva_pictures) on


Love what you see? Get REEL AFFINITY


Creating a movement on social media takes a genuine love for your fans, a sense of community and of course, the real kicker – inspiring content. Want the extra push? Our team of qualified visual storytellers will develop a campaign designed to amplify your social reach & create the engagement you desire most. Ready to be larger than life? Click here to learn more.