I’m With The Brand: Influencer Outreach Campaign

I’m With The Brand: Influencer Outreach Campaign

“Influencer Outreach involves identifying key individuals who can deliver important content to your target audience.” – Brand Watch

Build Branded Relationships

Do you want to get your latest product into the hands of your niche market? Do you have an important message you want relayed and feel bloggers can help you create a larger reach? Influencer outreach is a great opportunity that can help get your campaign out to millions of people. But that’s the basic explanation. Influencer outreach is a way to meet the people who genuinely love your brand – it’s voice and perspective, after all, 68% of consumers trust online opinions from other consumers. As your brand develops solid relationships from bloggers and even publications who are willing and able to share your ideas your brand begins to grow authentically and develop traction it may have never had otherwise.

The Process

The blogging community is home to millions of connected networks from foodies to mommy bloggers, fashionistas and athletes. Building an influencer outreach marketing campaign involves a variety of different components – meeting bloggers, engaging with their content and identifying the right collaborations for your brand. From here we use segment our internal workflow around creating a solid influencer strategy, visual content campaign and multiple modes of online and offline communication – each work together to built and cultivate a team of brand ambassadors who advocate for your campaign.

According to a Tomoson Study, “ Influencer marketing was rated as the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channel, beating organic search, paid search and email marketing. “

Remember, each influencer becomes part of your brand experience – as they share and promote your campaign and in turn their followers do too. We will develop a visual campaign using tools and resources that get bloggers to talk about your product, message or newsworthy content.

I’m With The Brand

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Catalog: Visual e-Commerce Campaign

Catalog: Visual e-Commerce Campaign

Make Your Brand Insta-Shoppable

As the seasons change so does your brand’s social style. Give your audience a visual e-commerce experience that defines your collection from the get-go. The rough sketch? Develop a shoppable strategy tailored to your audience, developed for increase sales.

The Process

From a video lookbook featuring your apparel or product to creative, trend-setting flat lays we will create content designed to capture your collection.  It all starts with our team customizing a visual e-commerce strategy designed for a seamless, shoppable experience online. From here we produce video & visual content that transpires your collection on all of your main social channels and digital outlets. To accompany this we will manage your seasonal collection content with your online audience to assure traction and drive click-to-purchase sales online.

S H O P P E R S  W H O  V I E W  V I D E O  A R E  1 . 8 1 X  M O R E  L I K E L Y  T O  P U R C H A S E THAN NON-VIEWERS. – ADOBE.COM

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Social Cinema: Brand Storytelling Campaign

Social Cinema: Brand Storytelling Campaign

You are a social cinema, we can watch you forever

We aren’t reinventing the wheel – brand storytelling is not new. But your story, of who you are and why you exist, is. It deserves to be told – with depth, transparency and above all, cinematic quality. This all-inclusive visual campaign does storytelling slightly differently – it breaks down your story for the social media “silver screen.”

We work together to capture the heart of your brand, whether that be defining a character, mascot or perhaps going back to the root of your early years. Eloquently capturing your vision is the ultimate goal, but developing a cinematic strategy designed to reach your current digital audience and impact your new, potential ones? That’s our speciality.

The Storytelling Process


To create an Oscar-worthy content performance we carefully craft a storytelling workflow for your brand. We first decide if this form of campaign is long-term (on-going) or short and impactful. From the time we start working together, we assure to manage your campaign from beginning to final wrap-up thru a our customized visual content strategy. You will receive not only a socially, cinematic video fully produced in-house but also shareable micro-content like smaller video series, images or our engaging text & graphic © motionables. Think of each content component as an attention-grabbing movie poster, trailer and post-launch buzz. Each piece of content works together seamlessly to tell your story on multiple channels from your website to your Snapchat. We assure this is an experience for the ages.

Let’s define your beautiful mind

Are you ready socially-cinematic storytelling like no other? Let’s start with coffee, that always gets grand ideas flowing.

User-Generated Content Campaign – The Ultimate Fan Experience

User-Generated Content Campaign – The Ultimate Fan Experience


Think of your favorite festival or summer concert – thousands of fans attend to experience the music they love. These same fans also share and generate traction on social media, sharing everything from performances to live broadcasts. As fans share this information and tag their favorite artist or brand in these moments (and countless other moments like this) they begin to create user-generated content that speaks from the voice of the brand, the people. From fan photos, videos and stories, UGC is 20% more influential than any other form of media (source).

User-Generated Content Campaign

75% of YouTube users agreed, “If there’s a brand I love, I tend to tell everybody about it.”

Explained by your brand, defined by your audience, our visual storytellers will promote your brand by creating a campaign that entices authenticity, relationships and loyalty. This visual campaign experience is designed to amplify your brand using core video to entice user-generated conversation from the fans you love most. Think of it as your brand’s all-access pass inside your audience’s perspective of – wait for it – your brand!

The Process

How do we do it? We will incentivize your audience to share photos and videos on social thru engaging visual content & perhaps even a promotion. Once in action, we will collect, share and repurpose this content for the word-of-mouth advertising you crave, without any words.

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The Series: Social Video Campaign

The Series: Social Video Campaign


A Social Video Series Built Around You

Have a video series of epic avocado toast recipes or fit-for-summer workout techniques you want to share, but not all at once? At Reelativity, we feel that shorter stories are one of the most convenient ways to get your point across, capture your audience and drive interest throughout a select period of time. The Series Video Campaign uses social segments (short, social video stories) to create momentum on your social channels, while creating interest that drives awareness back to larger pieces like blog articles and website content. Did we mention, that we don’t just tell your story on one social channel, but we tell it on all channels. Picture it, below.

The Process

We will create your brand a video series that speaks to your audience, we must ensure that your content is timely and engaging. This means that your content outlets from blog to social media, will also be included in our strategic approach to creating traction on all fronts. Each social channel for example – has a different voice & tone – we will work together to develop a custom theme using your video series as the core component of your campaign.

As your story unfolds, so does The Series timeline – so we make sure to capture newsworthy and current information related to trends and topics around your visual storyline. Our production process involves pre-production, day of launch and post-production campaign management leaving your audience craving more bite-sized bits of your video series content.

Let’s be F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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