The Challenge

With two years of inactivity on social media, the brand was concerned about “how” to jump into the digital world and speak to their digital audience. They sought our team to speak to multiple target audiences that encompassed the brand’s mantra & mission. From growers to end consumer, the primary goal online was to share the conversation with the right people and engage influencers, media and bloggers along the way.

2016 Visual Content Strategy

Create & educate West Pak’s social community by shining light inside the quality & consistency of the international producer’s grove of avocado dreams – a world of happy avocado harvesting and freshness one can taste thru technology.

• Increase social media engagement
(Likes, Shares, Comments, Retweets, Mentions, Favorites)
• Increase customer acquisition on the website
• Social media metrics to measure: URL clicks and traffic from social media
Increase brand awareness
• Social media metrics to measure: Follower growth rate, percentage change over time in followers, Twitter sentiment, reach by region, clicks by region


“We landed a very large grower because of our website and social media campaign… it validates our investment and gives us ROI on our social media… Again, a great job!”

Galen Newhouse CEO, West Pak Avocado Inc.


Social Media Posts with corresponding visuals


YoY Follower Growth on all social channels


Website Visits come from social media


Video Views in 2016