Yule Be Happy With This Holiday e-Commerce Story

This season we are wrappin’ (or shall we say rappin’) up the best holiday e-commerce stats around to adorn your virtual tree with a twist.  Rather than take you to the ghost of internet past or shoot you into the holiday e-commerce future of virtual reality – we bring you to the present with  fascinating numbers that sing gloriously from the roof tops of every home or smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection or gigs of data.  The goal?  To prove social media goes hand in hand with digital shoppers purchases. It’s no surprise that shoppers are mobile and ready to visually click-to-purchase rather than browse and walk. Which is why we are paying close attention to online sales – who is shopping, what consumers are shopping for and what channels they are actively on.

[Infographic] #ReelTimeCarols In The House

Our visual storyteller elves have gathered five glorious numbers that prove its time to get creative with your online holiday campaign.


Let’s Wrap (or Rap) Up Holiday 2015

Before you run off and ramp up your online storefront or add extra glee to your social channels read on for a holiday wrap up, just for fun!

♫ Yo, so you wanna shop till you drop, no need to worry, plop on the couch and avoid the scurry ♫


Your thumbs might hurt from scrolling but your feet sure won’t. Most shoppers actually purchase the majority of their holiday gifts before Cyber Monday. But don’t fret!  Rather-Be-Shopping.com points out that the best dates for some of our favorite gifts, like laptop deals and winter apparel, are actually between December 15th-18th.


♫ Make money, money, go shoppin’ 


If you haven’t noticed, Target is on point (no pun intended), but really – they’ve spent their budget wisely. AdWeek says that Target has allocated 30% more to social media this year than any previous year to date and have gotten with the online program like no-Buddy the Elf’s business. Just last week they launched  Target Wonderland – building a 16,000-square-foot holiday-themed, digital and interactive playground located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking neighborhood. This should bring holiday joy to marketers. But more so, it presents the fact that online is important for brands and consumers alike. Hubspot reports that 25% of brands are investing in content marketing and 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that shares custom content – can we say REEL ENGAGEMENT?

 ♫ Saw it on Insta shiny & new – thought to myself, that’s how I do ♫


New & emerging brands are utilizing their social resources this season and with good reason; according to Fortune, “analytics company comScore is estimating that people will spend $70.1 billion buying gifts online during the holiday season, which is a 14% jump from the previous year.” With these efforts allows for more online opportunities and with this equates to more content from online retailers via their social channels to drive purchases. One of the best ways to allow new customers to understand your brand? With 15-seconds of social video – visually tell your story in order to get your growing (and eager) online community to learn more about who you are.

♫  When dudes shop for gifts it’s like shoppin’ for bread, but you shop on Prime you’ll receive the best deal instead ♫ 


“Men spend more time than women shopping for their significant other (52 percent versus 34 percent)” says Businesswire. Let’s be honest, its as equally difficult to shop for bread as it is to shop for mom, but according to eMarketer online takes men’s stress away. This infographic comparing male and female online shoppers points out that when shopping online, men take about 10 minutes to complete a purchase vs. 14 minutes for woman. Would you look at that!

♫ Storytelling warms shoppers hearts and bring sales soaring thru the analytics charts ♫


Ain’t that the truth? Curalate (as usual) has us feeling all warm and fuzzy over in our visual content workshop. Connecting with 1 or a million consumers is honestly an amazing feeling for any marketer. But what’s even better? Having consumers feel connected to the brand. We must remember that we all are consumers – so its best to think of how we would like to experience and connect with one another. Isn’t this by far the most important part of creating one-of-a-kind visual content for the holiday season? Remember, to make your experience mobile and logistically possible (purchase, packed and shipped on time) and of course, visually engaging with a thoughtful omni-channel approach socially-savvy shoppers will return for holidays to come.

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